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Discussion in 'Greater Manchester' started by MartinS, May 24, 2018.

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    It's the Stockport beer festival at Edgeley Park next week, I'm going Friday afternoon/evening if anyone else fancies it.
    Also looking further ahead there will be free beer in Manchester on Sunday July 8th :-
    This year’s Manchester Beer Week (Home) sees the return of the Manchester Homebrew Expo’ now in its third year. This event is a showcase of the best beer (also open to cider, wine and mead) brewed by amateur brewers from across Manchester and the North West dispelling (hopefully) the myth that homebrew is cheap and nasty. Open to the general public the venue will be given over to home brewers serving their beers from bottles, casks and kegs. This year’s format is based on homebrew clubs rather than individual brewers, each club will be allocated bar space and will serve beers brewed by their club members. The general public will be asked to sample, rate the beers and provide feedback..….and here’s the good bit….due to the legalities on selling alcohol, you’ll not be expected to pay for any drinks.
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    That sounds absolutely fantastic.

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