RTG Suggestive Images/Avatars etc. - your cooperation needed.

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The Gaffer
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I am not particularly prudish, and I think that is probably true of the moderators and most of the visitors here.

Unfortunately, our American friends at Google AdSense and some of the people who advertise through them are, and as they ultimately provide the funds that keep this board running, we sometimes have to pander to them. We have had several warnings from them now and have an ongoing dialogue.

As far as they are concerned, "suggestive sexual content" seems to mean something as basic as glimpses of cleavage and thighs, so the typical picture you would see in the Daily Mail is not acceptable.

If you continue to post such content in the main forums, you can expect to get warned and ultimately banned under the new totting up process we are using for warnings/bans with the new forum software.

The Parsnip forum does not carry any of their adverts, so you are free to post such content in there, although our normal rules on no nudity/adult content still apply in that forum.

Can I also ask people to check and if necessary change their Avatars.

Not open for further replies.