Strictly Come Dancing 2018

Lisa Scott-Lee was always my favorite step(?). Can you persuade your Mrs' former bandmate to get her arse in gear and back on my telly.

Hope she does well and enjoys it though, most celebs you hear talking about being on there seem to describe it as being a pretty special experience.

Bet you are hoping she is paired with Anton Du Beck though.
No chance. He always gets the crap old ones.


Some YouTube star, Joe Sugg (brother of Zoella), has been announced this morning which my teenage daughter is very excited about
Was Anton not dropped for this season? I don't really follow it but our lass and the bairn love it and I'm sure that was the rumour, good luck to Faye anyway and I look forward to seeing plenty of SAFC product placement @BoldonBlackCat !
Nah, not Anton, he is too entertaining.....its Brendan who has gone, smarmy git....he was interviewed by Jon Bishop on tv the other week and it was cringworthy. Wouldnt answeanswer the question about Natasha Kaplinski even though it was written all over his face


Susannah Constantine and Charles Venn join line-up

I saw yesterday that Dan Wooton (I'm not checking, the bloke's a prick) tried to have a pop at Stacey Dooley and the BBC for putting her on Strictly.
She absolutely tore him down.
And rightly so.
"And that's Stacey Dooley MBE"