Strictly Come Dancing 2018

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Are new balance canny for trainers? Buying a few at the moment and seem to navigate towards Adidas.
Used to use them lot's....better fit and feel for me back in the day. But really personal preference also used Nike as well. Different trainers for different runs and terrains.

Everyone has their own favourites that work for them and tend to settle with those as best fit comfort and ease of use along with pricing.

Does a mod move this to the gerld forum before, or after the xmas show?
Do you think it is worth this accolade then?
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I got tickets to a Strictly show (in Manchester iirc) for Mrs Kaplan’s birthday a couple of years back.

The dancing ponies and the mud wrestling segments were fine but the shit cannons and pie throwing competitions were particularly offensive


2019 thread?
Potato Tomato

Only if you throw in some real deep down & dirty shit from the last few weeks.

Or if you already have then a link as I only dipped in & out of this thread.
I don't really know much, she didn't tell me stuff knowing I'd blab on here :lol:
Known about Joe and Dianne for weeks, Swanny really didn't like Danny and there was a rumour of Neil not really being that arsed about Katya but most of this is now public knowledge.

The tour is my chance to unleash the good shit (should it happen - I can't make them interesting people if they aren't) ;)
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