Strictly Come Dancing 2018

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Bishop Boy, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. Keawyeds

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  2. Chappers

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    Faye looked a wee bit tired but determined on it takes two.
  3. BoldonBlackCat

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    Very, and very :D

    She’s in a much better head space today, they’ve had a tough day with the Argentine tango but she reckons they’ve done a good job.

    She got back to the hotel at 8:30ish desperate for a soak in the bath and some food, when she opened the door a massive bunch of flowers was waiting in the room - boooooom! :cool: ;)
  4. Chappers

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    How many hours a day does she do? And awwwwwwwwwwwww.
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  5. BoldonBlackCat

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    Starts at 10, finishes at 8...that’s been the story for the last week or two.

    They’ll obviously have warm up, lunch and filming etc but still, that’s a lot of dancing!
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  6. errant

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    Just seen the picture on Instagram, impressive! you’d did well finding them at the local Lidl! :lol:


    I’ll second that...
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  7. Cee Jay

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    See the DM moved onto Stacey and shit stirring over her relationship

    Really are a pack of bastards
  8. Bishop Boy

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    No big reaction on Faye so move onto another target.
  9. dafunk2

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    My favourite dance...I reckon Faye's could be very, very special!!
  10. Keawyeds

    Keawyeds Striker

    Ah she got them. Great.
    Hang on a minute....
  11. yep me too....she has the build for it and her legwork has been tremendous all season. I see that Stacey has the Charleston as one of her dances this week so she is effectively already through as rarely does a couple doing that dance get voted off.
    Still think that it will be Joe or most likely Stacey who lifts the glitterball with Faye getting the bronze medal , even though she is a better dancer than Joe.
    it could though all hinge on the " showdance" and Faye has shown already great skill with her jazz theatre routine so she is still in with a great chance. Haw ay the Faye
  12. errant

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    do you think joe will win because of his existing online presence meaning his fan base are the ideal demographic to be voting in the final? or is that he's made more new fans via the show?
  13. Chappers

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    That's a trashing day mind. But worth it to give the masses their Saturday night telly fix.
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  14. BoldonBlackCat

    BoldonBlackCat Midfield

    She sent me a video last night, sweet baby Jesus and the orphans her leg work is ridiculous!
    Never seen her do a more complicated routine, maybe the quick step...but this looks better.

    I think they're both expecting to be in the dance off this week, whether or not they are is irrelevant in my eyes but if they plan for it then it won't be too big a shock and they should handle it with style.

    I don't want Stacey to win, obviously, but i wouldn't wish it on anyone - I'm fairly thick skinned and hopefully handled all of this with a bit of grace but it's not nice and to be honest i've wanted to beat the shit out of someone every week for a month :lol:

    She's on It Takes Two tonight, I'll be watching on catch up as I'm currently on the train to London for a meeting.
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  15. errant

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    that video of her feet in a bucket of ice water (or something) kinda makes sense now from what you're saying... sounds like all the hard work and hours is paying off?
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  16. Cee Jay

    Cee Jay Striker

    well in that case can I suggest, in no particualr order:

    Seane( or Sean)

    or the producers who come up with some of the ridiculous "fillers" each week..

    "to get you in the mood for( insert dance) I've decided( no the production crew did) to ( insert very random stupid link that must have taken all day to shoot)"

    rant over...

    BTW when can we expect to see your ugly mug on telly ?
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  17. Bishop Boy

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    Tough call on who will be in the dance-off.

    Joe hasn't really been tested, as he has most weeks scored well enough for the public vote to be irrelevant, but with less competitors, it would show if he didn't have it. Same for Faye and Stacey.

    Lauren obviously has the public support, with being lifted out of the bottom two four times so far.

    Ashley, it is blindingly obvious she doesn't have the support of the public, and will take a big shift in opinion not to be in the dance-off, which puts the judges in a difficult position, as she is clearly a very talented dancer, but has no chance of winning the competition.

    Personally I would like Ashley to go this week, and allow the four who have a chance to win it, fight it out in the final, but when does that ever happen?

    I can see Ashley plus either Faye or Stacey in the dance-off, and a possible very controversial judge's opinion throwing out the wrong competitor.
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  18. BoldonBlackCat

    BoldonBlackCat Midfield

    Hopefully next week before the final...doing some bits soon i think...

    O2 network is on it's arse today so on the train wi-fi...will be on here when possible...

    i don't mind her being in the dance off as long as she makes the final...she deserves it, the graft she's putting in is unreal.
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  19. errant

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    See they’ve announced the tour lineup next year as well, does that mean feet (!) up at Christmas then back to just as much hard work for the tour?
  20. Chappers

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    Bairn just came in pig sick. Said that the tour isn't coming to Newcastle so we can't go. Told her such is life.

    However, will try for tickets for Glasgow on the Saturday night for her, me and the wife. Come Christmas morning, I may well be the best dad and husband in the world. Just hope the mrs doesn't have the same idea to surprise us:lol:

    Edit - Already on sale:eek: - better get a shift on.

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