Strictly Come Dancing 2018

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Bishop Boy, Aug 13, 2018.

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    She was in bits last night bless her, she’d Samba’d all day and her feet were agony...she had a mini wobble on the phone but I put her straight.

    Shes 11wks in out of a possible 13wks. Nee way she should accept anything less than 100% blah blah blah...she soon snapped out of it and is giving it the biggun again in training :cool: She’ll be sound I’m sure of it.

    Can’t wait to get her home for Christmas like, this has been a killer, especially the last month as the tempo has increased dramatically

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  3. Chappers

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    Whatever happens she has done fantastic and should be very proud, as should you.

    Watched this show for years and never before have i been nervous watching someone dance. The end is near, and it's been brilliant.

    She has done herself, her family, the smb and boldon proud.

    Haway the faye.
  4. Bishop Boy

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    Important bit emphasised
  5. Mr Redknapp

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    Aye, we should take all the credit for this :cool:
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  6. BoldonBlackCat

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    Thank you mate, that all means a lot.
    She knows this deep down, as do I, but I guess even I get carried away with it all.

    I think I said it on my twitter or Instagram but to be honest, it's mental seeing my wife get up on tele in front of 10m+ people every week showing how well she's learned a new dance in just a few days...I can't even figure out what to wear for work most days :lol:

    I'm extremely proud of her, and the bairn, he's handled this whole thing like a legend.
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  7. errant

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    you could almost define surreal with that statement...
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  8. Mr Redknapp

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    You just see these people on telly and assume that things are ok when they go through and that, they are all doing an incredible job to be honest, obviously we are biased on here ;)
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  9. Jimmer13

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    It Takes Two

    Karen Hardy guest on show.

    Pasha and the yank hmmmmm

    Kevin and partner ok

    Joe and Diane ok

    All others not bad.

    pro challenge unusual technique

    From Gorka drawing with Giovanni

    Nadia did well and scored 36 three at top of the leaderboard now!

    Next dance songs for some are:

    Joe Peaky Blinders theme tune

    Faye Some Rio tune

    AJ Rock the Boat.

    All songs are on the Strictly website.

    Ashley and Pasha on now.

    Said the second dance off hit her harder than the first time. Making a plea to the public if they are voting on enjoying the dance!

    She actually came over ok when chatting with Zoe Ball . American Smooth! Then Paso Dablo to Florence and The Machines.

    Pasha reckons has a strong routine.

    Apologies for the break in posting had a little period of being unwell and just up out of bed at 4 today. Normal Service has now hopefully been resumed.
  10. Amber

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    Glad to see you back Jimmer and hope you are on the mend!
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  11. Jimmer13

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    Yes I am now thanks start on my medications again tomorrow. couple of days on that and start light walks again . Been out a week tomorrow nightmare!
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  12. George Kaplan

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    I don’t enjoy watching Strictly unless I’m watching with Mrs Kaplan. It’s funny but her enjoyment infects me and gives me ‘permission’ to enjoy the production values and the artistry - when I’m on my todd I sometimes don’t even watch.

    But even though the connection with an otherwise anonymous SMBer nom-de-board spouse of a competitor is extremely tenuous to say the least it has added a frisson of tension this series that has added an amusing extra element.

    I still think Kevin Clifton is a bloody clever bloke and a creatively true artist and Stacey (sigh) is my favourite because ... ok I’m gonna put it out there ... she strongly resembles visually and vocally somebody who was important in my life over 30 years ago (sigh)....

    But Haway the Faye is a talented and hugely likeable woman. I never thought I’d say that about a member of Steps ferchristsake but age brings perspective :)

    I hope she wins because @BoldonBlackCat ‘s sharing of the background and the backstage experience has made us all root for her even more

    All this is a welcome distraction from the frustration of another business hotel overnight where the room service menu is pizza or bliddy burger and the fucking lighting is... oh never mind. :)
  13. Keawyeds

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    We need to get #HawayTheFaye trending on Saturday.
    Have you told her about her SMB following and hashtag? :lol:
  14. cluffy

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    I was welling up all the way through her dance. And then again when they got top marks. :oops::lol:
    It was perfect mind.
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  15. I never watch the show but in this series, I fast forward each episode and watch the dances of Faye and Stacey - tenuous links indeed but it gives a bit of interest.
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  16. Bishop Boy

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    You need to watch Joe Diane too
  17. BoldonBlackCat

    BoldonBlackCat Midfield

    Of course, she loves it, she knows I’m on here every day.

    Thank you, I don’t mind sharing - it’s a bit like therapy for me because I’m just a normal lad and this isn’t my world so talking about it (kind of anonymously) makes it better...

    Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary to Mrs BoldonBlackCat :cool:

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  18. HeroHurley

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    Happy Anniversary. Let's hope the weekend brings you a great gift. HAWAYTHEFAYE
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  19. Keawyeds

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    Awesome. I wasn't sure whether to tweet #HawayTheFaye or not. I shall now!

    Merry Anniversary!
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  20. BoldonBlackCat

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    Them's the rules innit - gerrit twittered
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