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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Bishop Boy, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. errant

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    Where did Jonny Peacock finish last year? I genuinely can’t remember...

    They’re meant to judge on the two dance performances in front of them in the dance-off & Ashley is pound for pound the better dancer with almost every contestant...
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  2. Could happen let's see, we know where our votes are going :)
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  3. This weeks points total doesn't reflect that. faye top of the leader board with a full house...
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  4. The realisation of this hit her this week.She was probably hoping that last week's vote was a blip along the lines of when Abbey Clancey, Kimberley Walsh and Rachel Stevens found themselves in the dance off at one time or another but she now knows that first off in the Final is the best she can hope for.

    If God forbid Ashley comes up against Stacey or Faye in next weeks dance off (and it's a possibility) I wonder if the judges would sacrifice Ashley on account that she won't win the Final?

    One thing is certain...the judges will ensure Joe finishes above Lauren next week or that could unleash the above scenario.

    Ooh I do like a good conspiracy :lol::lol:and here's hoping the best three dancers are the final three.:neutral:
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  5. zinedine

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    The stat's show she's the best overal. Faye is close behind. The judges are being ultra picky with Ashley because they know how good she is. I suppose they want to keep the competition open.
    I reckon Lauren will win if she gets to the final which it looks like she will. She has the public vote and the final isn't about the judges just the public. Ashley and Faye both have previous dance experience so I think it would be good if Lauren wins.
  6. surely nobody knows what the public vote is ? I suspect Joe might have the biggest, nee way LAuren can win imho

    public shouldn't be allowed to vote on anything tbh, the majority of them are morons :D
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  7. Chappers

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    Lauren gone this week in dance off with Ashley. Joe has a shit load of votes but there are also plenty of steps fans out there too, still think he will win due to sheer numbers.
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  8. Bishop Boy

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    I can imagine it being pretty close this year.
  9. do they publish the votes afterwards ?
  10. zinedine

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    The beeb make money from the votes but it should be pro judges only. That way the best dancer will always win which often doesn't happen.
    When you finish as low as Lauren does and go through you have huge support. Going forward a lot depends on those who voted for the celebrities who get voted off. Who do they switch their alliance to? I reckon if Lauren makes the final she will win it.
  11. if it went judges only then they wouldn't be able to have dancers with experience, the current format works, the fact I'm bloody talking to you about it proves that !
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  12. Chappers

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    Yes. Week by week.
  13. says not here, also says they don't make any money off the calls BBC One - Strictly Come Dancing - Voting Info

    Why are Voting Figures for Strictly not published?
    We invite you to vote for the dancers that you liked best, based on their performance in each show and during the series. Releasing voting figures could affect the way that people vote, and also have an impact on the participants. We therefore do not disclose the exact voting figures.

    Although the BBC is subject to the Freedom of Information Act, information which is closely connected to our programme-making is not covered by the Act. The Information Commissioner, who regulates the Act, has confirmed that information about public voting is not covered. We are therefore not required to disclose the voting figures under the Act.
  14. zinedine

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    They always say in defence of allowing the likes of Faye and Ashley that experience doesn't matter as ballroom is different. Once it gets to the final how good you are isn't so important as it is then a popularity contest.
  15. source?
  16. zinedine

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    What happens to the 15p it costs to vote if they make no money from it?
  17. Chappers

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    Sure they do. But not until after the final. Unless I've dreamt it.
  18. charity apparently
  19. Chappers

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    Could have sworn I've seen them listed before. Guess not.
  20. zinedine

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    Ah right. They do make money but give it to charity, that's nice of them. I wonder if itv do that with the X factor?

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