Strictly 2021 official thread

Long day on the road.....definitely needs an injection of ITT.

And here's Rylan

In the words of Meatloaf, recognising 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

Rustie Lee is class.

Why did they stop him walking off?

Hello Dan and some random lady.

Much better presented than that Greg bloke. Nadiya looking decent too.

Haway Dan's mam.

Nadiya doing Yorkshire 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣


Aljaz STOP 🔨🧭

Well played caption thing, well played.

Sara is class like.

The panel returns......

The guy in the red jacket is doing my head in.

Is Rustie on drugs?

The snowman coming across well.

Snowman now my new hero.

And Rustie too.

Late finish again tomorrow, so expect an essay at some point on Sunday.
Sara has such a pretty face. She’s a grower 😊
Oti likes a grower, according to ITT last week, allegedly.
I agree with Greg and Karen to go next. Think it will be a poor song choice.
Just feels wrong, like they were desperate for a song people knew.
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