Strictly 2021 official thread

Work has been a bitch, time for ITT.
Ooooo partytime Janette.

Chuckles 🤭

Sneak peak at Amy sounds promising.

Boooooooo Brostits

All the boys are looking smart this week, then that shows up.

Is he married to Emma Thompson? He never mentions it.

I'm surprised the judges don't give extra feedback, even if just by email on the Monday.

Car crash samba imminent.

Boooooo fatty

Karen doesn't sound too convinced.

Hello Rose 🌷

That smooth will be interesting.

It feels like Judy has hit a wall.

That samba looks filthy.

Is Claudia the choreographer tonight?

Rhys looked coiled, ready to just explode off the sofa.

Nancy is almost off her head as much as Katya.

I hope he drinks decaff.

Latin suits him, need to see him in a slow steady ballroom now.

Skills from Nancy 🥢

Ronnnnniiieeeee-time 🤭

Disgraceful again, talk about women like that and the show would be cancelled.

Ronnnnniiieeeee vs Linkin Park.

Sara's frock looks class.

The sweet wrappers are back.

Some frock for Tilly too.

He looks relieved to have got through the rhumba.

I'm sure Katya will have made sure all the blue was off.

Adam sounds like one of us thrown into the show, it's class.

Too early for Argentine.......please do it well.

Actually has some potential here, his natutal strength will help a lot.

Well played mostly Janette.
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