Strictly 2020

I'm still having nightmares about Dianne dressed up as Marge Simpson.:eek:...well that and it pouring down on the 27th when we're allowed back to the cricket after 612 days away.
But it worked, in a bat-shit crazy way.
I think it will be best for us to not shoot our load too soon man, the anticipation, the excitement....we'll just keep the powder dry then BOOM ! xx
Just counting down to calling out.... TITT'S ASSEMBLE!!!!!!
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When first celeb is confirmed, or Dianne dumps Joe for me, whichever comes first.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:, Calm you're self
I'm happy for them, they both come across as decent people and make a lovely couple tbh.
They do mind, i reckon if Diane won Strictly, i reckon, she would leave the show and within 6 months we would hear, her and joe had made it all the way to the church on time, if they are still going strong in 2 years i expect the movement of tiny feet.
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Reckon Nicola Adams will return this year after covid related exit last year?

Also has anyone ever done strictly twice? Would love Kirsty Gallacher, Gabby Logan and Kate Garraway to do it again.