Strictly 2020


Did we ever find out if Faye got to keep a goat?
sadly not, we’ve got a daft dog like so if she felt the need I’m sure they could manage a rendition between them 😂
Get her a log in for here man :lol:
Nee chance, can’t have both of us wasting hours every week browsing this circus man, we’ve got a kid and a dog we need to keep alive
I bet Anton was overjoyed when he was paired with Caroline. I predicted as soon as I saw her name on the celeb list that she'd be his partner. Somebody in that shows production doesn't like him.:lol:
Erm he wasn't - Caroline is with Johannes fella :lol:, he got paired with the ex MP iirc.
Not the same this year with no Faye to support - first time I have ever voted.
That was 2 years ago man :D


Nee good without the audience, should have cancelled until they could get up to scratch with a full man/girl team.