Stranger Things

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Neverending stoooryyyy, ah ah ah ah ah ah....

:lol: Proper laughed at the look on hoppers face at this
That was a brilliant scene haha

I was an emotional wreck at the end. That was worse than Toy Story 3.
Fucking love the programme.
The scenes with Dustin, Steve, Robin and little sister were brilliant ebery time. Eleven is excellent aswell.
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I enjoyed Season 1, can't even remember what happened in Season 2 and skipped through boring parts of Seasons 3. It's boring as fuck now as the originality has long gone and I think a lot of it's original popularity was the nostalgic feel. Now it seems that Eleven constantly just hoys out her hand and does summit to save the day and has a little nosebleed. It's probably why she lost the powers due to overuse.

Also hoyed in is the daft teenage boyfriend/girlfriend shite that kids watching problably won't even give a shit about, never mind adults.
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