Strange things you've seen people do in public...

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Junior Birdman, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Chesterladmackem

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    Was in Gabrielles on the sea front years ago tucking into a spag bol and a pissed up lass from a group over from us ran outside and hoyed up all over the path in front of the window my table was at, if that wasnt bad enough, about 10 mins later, a git big alsation comes round the corner and tucks in.
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  2. Thackeray

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    In Sunderland actually, walking behind a young woman outside TK Maccs walking towards Park Lane at a reasonable pace, she reached inside her skirt, pulled out a used sanitary towel and threw it on the floor.

    You don't see that every day. Or at least I don't.
  3. muggboots

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    To the bird or the vomitus?
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  4. lenshack

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    I was driving thru a Spanish village in TF when I came upon a lass, maybe late teens or twentyish, standing right in the middle of the road causing me to stop.

    She had her bare arse towards me, her frock pulled up and was bending right over with her head down looking straight back at me from between her naked legs, whilst at the same time having a massive piss, somewhat akin to a waterfall and running across to the roadside like a river.

    She was obviously a bit backward or loopy and no unfortunately I haven’t got pics, though if I hadn’t been so gobsmacked at the time, I may well have had.
  5. errant

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    cut to the chase - wad or wadnt?
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  6. Bob Fleming

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    A fella lying on the pavement outside of Chambers nightclub with his trollies half way down and covered in his own shit.
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  7. coach13

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    Heading into Edinburgh on the bus and a woman was throwing £10 notes into the air at the side of the road. Three of us who noticed dived off the bus at the next stop, my haul was £40. Could never work out what she was trying to achieve.
  8. Yer can't give a baby booze
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  9. Bakerlooline

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    Saw a lady tramp (trampess?) do the same on the Euston Road.
  10. errant

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