Strange things you've seen people do in public...


A couple of years ago, heading up towards Burdon, at the T junction I saw a bloke in the corner of the field, topless, with a kilt on, playing bagpipes.


Walked out of Columbia Hospital on 168th street in New York and crossed the road to get some bait at the deli and soup shop on the corner of 168th and Broadway. So a busy street in the middle of the day in broad daylight in the middle of the city, a bloke whipped his tadger out and had a piss in the gutter. Nobody gave him a second look, the dorty bastad!


Central Defender
There was a fella in town the other day with no shoes on using his feet to measure the distance from what I assume is his house to the post box.
Saw a bloke skiing down 5th Avenue (New York, not the shitty bar that used to be on Fawcett St).
Full length skis anarl , with wheels on the bottom of them pushing himself along with the sticks.


Some fella dressed like BBCs 'The Raven' on the metro, stared one of my mates straight in the eye whilst trying to rip up a stress ball.. then got his phone out which had the eye of sauron as his background and started whispering into it. Seen him a couple of weeks later walk into subway and just help himself to a refillable drink and fuck off without paying.

Was wearing the same clobber and makeup etc, proper knacker.


Central Defender
While working in retail part time as a student a good 5 or so years ago , I witnessed a gypo type father bend his roughly 7 or 8 year old son over one of them seats you sit on when trying out shoes, who then proceeded to pull the back of the kids joggers down so full arse was on show, then produce a rag from his pocket and give the kids backside a few swift up and down wipes.

Remember just standing there frozen in shock for a few seconds wondering if I’d actually seen it and it wasn’t a mirage having already done about 5 hours of the shift bored s***less.

Someone else saw too which confirmed it happened.

Absolutely bizzare.