Strange answers from Alexa

Sweet Songbird

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Should try asking Alexa in a broad Northern Irish accent, I have a strong Culchie accent and she can barely understand me most of the time, my English husband is laughing at me as I am trying to ask her something and has to step in to ask her for me :evil::lol:


Bought the Counting Crows albumn August and Everything After in a record shop in Crouch End in that London, third attempt lad still couldn't understand what I was saying. Asked me to write it down, cheeky kernt said 'Oh the Cantin Craws'. Cockanees.
Was in London years ago and asked a Tube body for advice on how to get to Southwark...went something like this;
Me "Excuse me, which line do I need to get to (pronounced it) South Walk "
Guard "to where mate"
Me "Err, Southwalk"
Guard "where ?"
Me "Southwalk. It's spelt S O U T H W A R K"
Guard "aahhhh, you mean Savik":eek::lol:
Every time I tell them I’m not from Australia in from England they all put on a cockney ‘ello guvnor. I tell them nobody sounds like that
There is a game called "Utter Nonsense" where you are supposed to say a silly phrase in different accents but you are given a bit of time to practice the accent prior to actually saying the phrase (you get points if you do the best accent and the funniest phrase) and it always cracks me up when people start to say things like "Put another shrimp on the barbie" when practicing the British accent (which is actually Australian). Idiots. That's a point for me so I don't bother saying anything to them.