Stopping smoking tablets (Champix)

Discussion in 'SMB' started by SR6 MACKEM, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. pickles666

    pickles666 Winger

    anyone tried smoking a ground down champix pill mixed in with a hand rolled fag ???
  2. After smoking for 21 years starting at the age of 16 like a daft shite, I've started taking them Tabex ones this morning. If this works its down to the people on this thread.

    Fingers crossed :neutral:
  3. Heeeed the Ball

    Heeeed the Ball Striker

    30 Bensons a day for 25 years, then nowt for the last 12 years, I used the Nicorette sucking tablets, it said I could have up to 20 per day, but I just stuck it in the side of upper gum and left it to slowy dissolve and I was only using 5 per day.

    Once I got used to them I came off them by reducing over a few weeks, 3 I think, and then bought smints and sucked them when I got a slight craving.

    I was sucking smints for about 6 weeks and then said to my self time to stop this and I did, never looked back
  4. alzeebub

    alzeebub Striker

    Just over 2 months in for me and going strong. No pills, no willpower, just the Allen Carr dvd :cool:
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