Stopping smoking tablets (Champix)

Discussion in 'SMB' started by SR6 MACKEM, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. Freedom

    Freedom Goalkeeper

    I packed in on them. Eating porridge On a morning before taking them will stop you feeling sick
  2. Jacked in 4 year ago using zyban which is not supposed to be as good as champix and it was a piece of piss.
  3. pickles666

    pickles666 Winger

    aye , thats them . ;)
  4. King Benny

    King Benny Guest

    I used them to quit, been off the cigs since January now. When the tablets got out of my system I had a few cravings but nothing I couldn't handle.

    As for side effects I was ok, I had quite a few lucid dreams.

    Well worth it in my opinion although I did pile on a few clem.
  5. Jimmy Tennis

    Jimmy Tennis Central Defender

    There was a press article about some called Tabax which are supposed to be good.

    You can't get them in this country and they only work out at 12p a tablet.

    They are readily available on eBay and are supposed to be 3 times more effective than the nicorete stuff we get here.

    Might be Tabex.
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  6. MalcolmX

    MalcolmX Winger

    i got patches and inhaler from LLoyds chemist on the stop smoking programme. 4 weeks monday and so far so good - price of a prescription every 2 weeks
  7. The nurse told me they gave a 90% success rate, but they didn't work for me.I have a couple of packs still untouched if you wanted them sent to you, but go through the DRs first as i'm not having you swinging from the rafters on my head.

    I'm back on trying the inhalers.Well, after this weekend anyway :lol:
  8. Try the electronic cigs (Totally Wicked i use but theres others) better than real fags and you can smoke them in pubs. Never thought id get off the proper ones, i tried all the normal ways including them tablets, but i like smoking so could never get off them until i tried the electronic ones.
  9. makum102

    makum102 Winger

    Champix are unusual in that they are psychotic drugs. This means they change the way the brain works. They turn off craving receptors and also the receptors that give you a nicotine hit. That's how they work. Given this, its no surprise that some people have extreme side affects.

    I had really worrying dreams when I stepped up to the second weeks double dose. I then suffered a lot of lower back pain and my doc told me to stop taking them immediately. I have since read on lots of Internet sites that they have caused nerve damage in the lower back area of quite a few people.

    Still Smoking :cry:

    Going 'Cold Turkey' in the new year :eek:
  10. karlm14

    karlm14 Striker

    boots do that anarl. good stuff
  11. chr1s1973

    chr1s1973 Striker

    My lass found them to be really effective, they made her not enjoy tabs and after a few weeks she couldn't stand them. But when my mam took them all they helped her cut down a bit but made her fairly ill and she didn't actually pull the trigger on stopping all together.

    I took them but they didn't make much difference to me,certainly didn't make me enjoy tabs any less.
  12. johnna

    johnna Striker

    dont do it :lol: i ended up in hospital through them fuckers , thought i was on my way out honestly, was gonna re home my parrots & wipe my pc, lappy & flog me car to get some cash for our lass, cameras up my hoop the works, i would rather take my chance with the ciggies than go through that again !! stripped all the linings off my bowell, fucking bog full of blood & lost loads of weight , was on the bog all day everyday for about 2 weeks non stop ! sure i posted on here about these pills before like, fucking horrendous , never again !!!!
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2011
  13. alzeebub

    alzeebub Striker

    Obviously youre in the minority, but fuckinghell, just the chance of that happening would be enough to put me off.

    Personally I'm nearly a month in to quitting by using the Allen Carr Easyway dvd. No pills, no substitues, no willpower, just a dvd :cool:
  14. Blackcatwaz

    Blackcatwaz Winger

    I used them and have been off the tabs for 18 month now.
    Side effects can obviously vary from person to person.
    I had some freaky nightmares on and off, and definite broken sleep. I never really semmed to be sound asleep, just like on the verge all the time.
    I was nackered by the end.
    I also got headaches pretty much for the 1st few week, it helped if I supped alot of water though.

    Good luck with it. I hope you can stick with them cos they deffinitely help fucking heaps!!!!

    not used anymore as an antidepressant as far as i know, but was originally made for depression
  15. johnna

    johnna Striker

    never herd of this dvd like , hows that work ??
  16. Giggsy

    Giggsy Full Back

    I started off on the patches in may but they weren't working so after two and a half weeks of cold turkey I read Allen Carr"s easy way to stop smoking.
    Bought it from amazon for £4 and been clean since May 30th.
    I'd try reading this before taking any tablets.
  17. alzeebub

    alzeebub Striker

    It's a dvd, you watch it, you stop smerking.

    Nee side effects, it just works.

    Can be dl'd for free here:

  18. moo

    moo Midfield

    I stupidly started to smoke again a couple of month ago so I have just started on Tabex this morning after getting a packet via ebay.
    According to the literature I should have stopped smoking again come Friday.
    I will pass on if it works or not & any noticeable side effects.

    Champix is great like (despite the obvious fact that I am currently smoking again, the missus is to blame!), worked wonders for me and helped me stop for 2.5 years.
    Side effects for me were horrendously stinky farts and incredibly lucid dreams.
  19. johnna

    johnna Striker

    cheers m8, no seeds as usual though :lol: will try a nzb if i can find 1 ;)
  20. Jimmy Tennis

    Jimmy Tennis Central Defender

    Will be very interested in your results mate.
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