Stopping smoking tablets (Champix)

Discussion in 'SMB' started by SR6 MACKEM, Oct 14, 2011.

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    SR6 MACKEM Guest

    Just got some of these off the doctor, gonna start taking them monday (i always start new things on a monday) ive heard theres some bad side effects off these? Horrible nightmares, Lack of sleep etc.

    Anybody had any experiences with these?
  2. groucho

    groucho Midfield

    Nightmares and lack of sleep can be caused by the patches as well but I have heard that Champix has been linked with bouts of depression.
  3. Wilfy

    Wilfy Striker

    I'm going to ask for them in a couple of weeks, so keep me informed marra.
  4. Bat Finchale

    Bat Finchale Guest

    My Dad used them after 35 years of smoking and it got him off the tabs and he hasn't fancied one since. But once he stopped though they found he has idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, not related to smoking or working with asbestos.
  5. Cousin It

    Cousin It Goalkeeper

    Quit 3 years ago on them. Made the whole thing a piece of piss and had no side effects at all. Obviously everyone is different and heard of some real dodgy stuff like people topping themselves on them so just a word to the wise.

    never tried these before but heard really good things if the Champix are no good for you mate.

    I'll now use the age old cliché and say 'The best thing you'll ever do'. Used our spare money (me and our lass) to buy a car and put her through here lessons when whilst smoking there's no way we could have afforded it (£100 a fortnight for the 2 of us).

    Good luck.
  6. Jonty

    Jonty Midfield

    I used them and packed in no bother without any side effects... Was on 40 a day then after taking the tablets they just started to taste horrible and I've not had one since November

    SR6 MACKEM Guest

    will do mate


    Its rediculous the amount of money ive spent on smoking when i think about it, My mam quit after about 40 years of smoking 20 a day, she used these and found them easy like you say. Apparently you can still smoke on them for the first week then after that everytime you try to have a draw it makes you feel sick. Hopefully it works like, I'll still be skint like cos i'll just spend what ive saved on other shit :roll: but it'll be good for the old ticker

    Hope i get the same results! fingers crossed...
  8. Nausea is probablees the most common side effect. Less common are headaches and abnormal dreams. Rare side effects include change in taste and depression.

    In my experience Varenicline is probablees the best way to stop. Just ask your doctor or pharmacist. They will put your mind at rest with side effects and dosage regime.
  9. Cousin It

    Cousin It Goalkeeper

    That's the thing to remember mate, You'll never be rolling in it but you will be able to buy lots more beer and crisps so will just end up an alcoholic heffer like me.:oops:
  10. Lady Lazarus

    Lady Lazarus Reserve Squad

    Experiences of taking this seem to vary . . .

    I took them a few years ago and it was a nightmare (mood swings, insomnia, panic attacks - the lot). For me, the worst side effect was that the ability to concentrate on anything completely deserted me. Couldn't focus at work, had to stop driving because I felt like my reactions had slowed, and felt miserable all the time from about the 3rd day of taking them. :neutral:

    On the other hand, a friend of mine successfully stopped with them and didn't have any side effects whatsoever. He started smoking again, like, but apparently had to work really hard at it! :lol:

    It's a gamble in my opinion... but best of luck with it. ;)
  11. Quit 1 year ago on january 1st using them. Made me hieously sick, screwed with my sleep so for a month i slept MAYBE 2 hours at a time at most, and I put on about 2 stone. Worth it though.
  12. Are these symptoms listed the side effects of champix or just those of nicotine withdrawal???

    I've just done exactly a week off the fags using a few niqitine minis a day. I too have suffererd most of the aforementioned symptoms.

    Big test tomorrow night. First night out on the drink since quitting.
  13. Very astute and accurate observation.
  14. The nausea and sleep disorder is definately the champix. You keep smoking for 3-4 days after starting the champix to build up dosage, and I had both before I stopped smoking. (Which I actually did after 2 days because even at low dosage it just makes you not want to smoke)
  15. Get some fucking will power yer soft shites He says knowing that he'd gladly kill every last one of you for one draw
  16. alicante mackem

    alicante mackem Striker

    This Sunday will be my 6th week of not smoking. I used to smoke at least a packet a day, and double that at the weekend. I didn´t have any help although I just felt the time was right, and I suppose that´s the biggest factor. It was also on a Monday when I quit, it´s always the best day for making changes. Good luck with the tablets.
  17. jet1

    jet1 Midfield

    .....Worked for myself and the wife (and a mate of mine) we all started champix at the same time - for them they had almost no side effects - I was sick (vomiting) especially on a morning a few times into the 2nd week of taking them and then we all stopped smoking completely by the 3rd week (18 months ago) we've all not smoked since with very little cravings at all.

    Bottom line is IMHO they work!
  18. Scotty 1978

    Scotty 1978 Striker

    A lad at work stopped smoking using them, make sure you have something to eat in a morning before taking them, even if it is just a banana or something, he reckons it stops the sickness feeling.
  19. pickles666

    pickles666 Winger

    isn't CHAMPIX actually an anti depressant pill born in the usa ??
  20. I think you're thinking of Zyban. Bupropion.
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