Stone Valley 2022

Barboza dh9

Our mates have been up & pitched ours. They’ve come home though, so just hope I get the right one tomorrow as I’m turning up first. Otherwise I’m squatting in somebody else’s tent for me afternoon nap :lol:
Some Mackems put Tent up next to ours and we're Returning tomorrow. Hope it's not you😃
Lad next to us had Man Utd top on ,Big lad , lass had Dark Hair ,and had a teenage kid with them 😬
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Think I’m wearing a Japanese Beatles t tomorrow. Come say hello!
What's this putting up your tent and buggering off shenanigans like?

You paid for an extra day or something? Just to hoy up your tent?
Nah, they opened the site today so people could arrive if they want. It’s only 40mins away. A few of our lot said they’d go up with the group’s tents & pitch them so we can turn up tomorrow & get straight into getting off our faces & annoying the twats who’s pitched next to us.
Bootleg Beetles are class
Might have to miss the last few sings to catch the Rifles starting
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Aye I’ll be there for the Rezillos tomorrow with the usual suspects. Are you camping with BS?
He’s not going. Went last year & said the new venue isn’t the same. I missed last year so it’ll be my first time at Durham. I did like Stanhope like.
Will you get me single autographed for us? Love Cast, mind!
Why aye. Pass it over!

Cast are always good value at festivals like.