Stockton town centre

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Duracel Funny, Dec 6, 2018.

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    Looks nice enough on street view, might have a look round for a bit change.
  3. I get your point, but sounds like a distinct improvement to me.
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    Least Redcar has a strippers.

    Not sure why but I thought of my lass when I read this.
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    Stockton is massive man.
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    I live down there now. Teesside Park is the reason there’s nothing in town. All the bigger brands are there. They don’t need another branch so close by.

    It’s canny for a night out though. The clock tower, goldies and the North Eastern all canny little pubs. It’s got a pool club called Room 21 that is rammed every night. Also a pub called the don bar on the riverside which is decorated in war memorial stuff, thousands of poppies on the walls and memorabilia all over.

    Just built a Hilton that opens soon and they’re refurbishing the Globe, which will be the biggest venue between Leeds and scumcastle.
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    One of the schools transferred to Newcastle.
  8. DonaldDownTheWing

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    Durham Uni is still there like. Behind the college. Mostly Asian students like.

    Edit - it’s the Durham Uni international study centre. Students to there and do a 1 year course in preparation for starting a degree at Durham City campus.
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    Thing of the past, councils are fucked.

    Wouldn’t know, haven’t been to Stockton in years but School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health makes final transition to Newcastle - Durham University
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  10. Use to get through there for beers when I was staying in Redcar on a project in 1998, seem alreet, but at 25yo and away from home on expenses, everything is alreet. Stayed in the Park Hotel on Redcar front, and it was brutal in winter, was a long termer so got the carvery for nowt. Around the pubs then ending up in the strippers along the front.
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    Prefer The Wasps Nest, Hope and Union and Storytellers myself.
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    This , then into Goldies till the early hours.
  13. Fantastic place when I was kid, as I got older it was canny a night out too. Sad state of affairs now, like many towns across the country unfortunately.
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    Out on the piss in Stockton tonight. Taking in all said venues
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