Stewart Donald, has just offered to visit me dad at home

Discussion in 'Gold' started by janey, Aug 17, 2018.

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    Fantastic thread this, it's brought a tear to my eye, pleased you and your family had such a special time Jane, you all deserve it, come on mods this thread is gold standard if there ever was one..:cool::cool::cool::cool:
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  2. Getting a bit sickening now. Getting it golden mods before we all turn soft and southern and that ;)
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  3. janey

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    Thank you x


  4. rocky

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    Man up you soppy old tart

    There ya gan @chunkylover53
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    Read the article in the Times it's lovely.
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    @chunkylover53 knows best. Ha'way mods!
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    Since the weekend there's been a run on Lacoste polo shirts and comfy yet stylish slippers.

    GQ were interested in doing a feature but Janey's Dad's agent felt the magazine 'wasn't classy enough.'
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    C'mon mods, It has to go gold :cool:
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    Just read this, chuffed for you and your dad, and great that our new owners, manager and players are putting some pride back in OUR great club.
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  11. janey

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    Thank you. xx

    Eric James Moran 24.05.38 - 16.10.18
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