Stewart Donald, has just offered to visit me dad at home

Discussion in 'Gold' started by janey, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. Doberman

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    I got to 40 odd pages then realised that I might miss my chance to contribute to a guaranteed Gerld thread before it's locked away for safe keeping.

    Absolutely outrageously fantastic.

    Your dad is Sunderland afc. Just like the other generations since 1879. Lamine Kone, Didier ndong, Papy Djilobodji and the rest of the chances are nothing in comparison.

    I trust the current ownership, management and squad of players to represent folk like your dad with prestige. That's the highest compliment I can pay to Stewart, Juan, Charlie, Jack Ross and the team he's built.

    sunderland afc, are gonna be alright. :cool:
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  2. Bamber

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    Potentially the GERLDEST thread of them all.
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  3. Doberman

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    I wouldn't this is the greatest Gerld thread of all time but it's certainly in the top one. ;)
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  4. Hongkongphooey

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    This couldn’t have happened to a nicer person, I’m so chuffed that you and your family had such a fantastic day x
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  5. :lol: :lol:

    Great posters make great threads , there's no such thing as a thread making a great poster ;) With total respect to the late great Brian Clough
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  6. Doberman

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    there's no Gerld thread without a contribution from the great one (and hobnobs!)
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  7. cauldbairn

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    Just caught up with this now, what an excellent read. Really pleased for your dad.
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  8. I bet Hobnob sales are through the roof in the north east this weekend, wait till Mcvities get hold of the story ! :)
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  9. minkey

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    What a fabulous thread :D
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  10. beam1234

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    Janey getting the info before RR now
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  11. I'm Spartacus

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    I hope you all had a fantastic day, you deserve it...
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  12. Dredd

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    I think I'd die happy if Quinn came back. Absolutely adore the man, he'd fit right in with the current owners attitude etc.

    It's absolutely lovely that @janey
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  13. admwil

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    Good post. Brilliant to feel so connected to the club again and to like the people in it.
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  14. janey

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    We did thank you xx

    Awww thank you so much xx



    Thank you xx

    It’s canny like :lol::lol:x

    Thank you xx

    :cool::cool: xx
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  15. abbs

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    Absolutely brilliant that !

    Me aswell ,
    Brilliant for Janey and her dad !

    Also, some of the things she’s said is just sums up the previous regime
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  16. janey

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    Thank you xx
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  17. abbs

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    Fantastic !
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  18. JohnKay

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    Really enjoyed reading through the whole thread this morning, couldn't have happened to a nicer lass and her Dad. Pleased for you all Janey, we've got some canny people in charge of this club now.
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  19. janey

    janey Striker Contributor

    Thank you and we most certainly have xx
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  20. Great gesture that, fair play to The Don.
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