Stewart Donald, has just offered to visit me dad at home

Discussion in 'Gold' started by janey, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. gazc24

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    Hell I'm not on her Facebook or Twitter but "liked" a few posts and I'm expecting a call from look north
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  2. janey

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  3. Dmac1969

    Dmac1969 Winger

    Absolutely love owt like this me! The result would have been the icing on the cake too , hope you all enjoyed it @janey !
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  4. janey

    janey Striker Contributor

    We did thank you xx
    me mam is still going on about it today :lol:
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  5. 63 pages in so I thought I might just sneek a peek. Wonderful stuff that, Janey, that picture with your Dad is brilliant.
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  6. 60k views - Janey needs her own forum.
  7. janey

    janey Striker Contributor

    Thank you xx
  8. max wartbug

    max wartbug Winger

    @janey , sorry if I've missed it (it's a huge thread), but what are your Dad's thoughts on it all?
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  9. Roker Pierre

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    Except for in Durham apparently.
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  10. EchoMan

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    Called Hob Nobbing.
  11. Bedders

    Bedders Midfield Contributor

    Nicely done :)
  12. janey

    janey Striker Contributor

    He was chuffed, but as it happened not as chuffed as me mam who just never shut up all the time they were there. :lol:
  13. Mikeftw

    Mikeftw Winger

    Late to the party in saying but its brilliant that they done that I bet you're chuffed to bits as well
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  14. janey

    janey Striker Contributor

    I am, I really am. And it was a great thing they did xx
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  15. Coeus

    Coeus Striker

    I'm really glad you and your parents had a nice day Janey, very deserving.
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  16. janey

    janey Striker Contributor

    Thank you xx
  17. phunboy

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    Just read Caulkin's article and it's a lovely piece @janey
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  18. I’ve kept an eye on this thread but said nowt, until now.

    Very happy to say BRILLIANT:)
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  19. DPTT

    DPTT Winger

    Her Dad was my headmaster at St Johns, I am practically family:)
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  20. c1ark73

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