Stewart Donald, has just offered to visit me dad at home


I’m only on her Facebook cos I don’t Twat about. Obviously I’m not as connected as you, but there are actually some people who have seen her in real life. They say she’s lovely but smells like your nanna. Not “your” nanna but in the broader sense. Mines been dead since 1996 and I doubt she smells like her. Anyhow back on the subject
Hell I'm not on her Facebook or Twitter but "liked" a few posts and I'm expecting a call from look north


So some of the things we talked about

  • He couldn’t get over me dad going to his first game in 1948
  • He asked me dad if there was absolutely anything he could do to help him go to the match
  • He spoke to them about being teachers
  • He couldn’t praise the fans highly enough, and said they just want to win games for us because we are brilliant, but in some ways that adds pressure (wasn’t complaining about that).
  • He said there is so much to do. He goes in on a morning thinking he has a plan of work, but other stuff is cropping up all of the time.
  • They both laughed when I said thanks for getting a goalkeeper with hands.
  • We have been haemorrhaging money (no surprise there) one example he gave was that the players got three strips, a home, away and third strip every game. That’s been stopped, they are selling the shirts in the club shop the players would have got, saving £250,000.
  • The strip order is stupid, there was 16,000 on order and no more can be ordered so, for example, if we got to Wembley (aye I know) they couldn’t order anymore regardless of demand.
  • Any spend over £500 now has to be signed off by two people.
  • Tony Coton has spoken to Niall Quinn about being involved, Niall was part of another consortium so it hasn’t happened yet, he’d like to think it will.
  • Jack Ross is totally relaxed about signings, he’s been the one stressed. We did go after Billy Sharpe all summer, he was told by Sheffield Utd he wouldn’t play, so they were hopeful. Then he started playing.
  • Jack Ross is more concerned about how he sets the team up than more signings.
  • Oviedo and Cattermole’s wages alone are more than some League 1 teams wages in total. So that’s the biggest budget issue/debate covered.
  • He didn’t criticise Cattermole one bit, but did say to give anyone a deal that long is crackers.
  • He wanted another striker for this weekend, jack Ross didn’t, because he knows Sinclair and Wyke will be fit soon.
  • When Juan and Jack Ross talk to each other it’s hilarious because neither understand what they are saying so they just nod their heads and smile :)
  • I think our theory that if we get promoted and are moving in the right direction Juan will take over is right. ;)
  • Juan is a very sexy man, well okay Stewart Donald didn’t say that but I certainly think so :lol:
I’m certain we are in good hands, if for whatever reason it doesn’t work, it won’t be because of a lack of effort, commitment or determination.
What a bloody day, it was honestly like sitting chatting football with your mates it was that relaxed.
Thank you all for this thread, it’s been bloody tremendous. :cool: xx

Totally buzzing it’s been a tremendous day, the best day I’ve had since I found out about me dad’s diagnosis xx
Absolutely love owt like this me! The result would have been the icing on the cake too , hope you all enjoyed it @janey !