Stewart Donald, has just offered to visit me dad at home

They certainly know what they are doing, but not just PR wise, football club wise. Almost 24 hours later and my head is still swimming with the way they talked and their determination to succeed.
Most of all though the way they just kept saying “we just want to win football matches for the fans”

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Yeah that's I was meaning with my last sentence
I hope you told them what the proper fans are all about, not like the daft twats bombarding him with shite on twitter

safc boro of peter

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It has been a brilliant weekend for all things SAFC but this tops the lot.
It shows class from the owners to do what they did for you and your dad.
Was totally deserved though, what a top bloke your dad seems.
Looking forward to this thread going on for a while yet and reading more positive stuff without the rubbish some people come out with.

As many people have already said, we seem to be finally getting our club back.