Stefan Schwarz ...hard as rock

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swede testing

Full Back

Well i guess u dont know the words but the message is:

- You have to stand up for your team.

He broke his leg in the challenge with McAllister in the Scotland game, -played on and tried to "run it off"...:eek:

walks off without Achilles tendon :confused:.

Would put him up in our starting eleven for the euros if i had the chance:roll:

U lived in Germany, Italy, Portugal and England where did u most enjoy your time ?

- On the pitch.


claim to fame. Played against him in a testimonial game last year.

Yes look at me. yes I'm Pathetic.

Still class like. Football agent now as well. Got rid of that hideous haircut he had a couple of years ago in all.


I remember when he chased down a group of newcastle charvers who had thrown snowballs at his car

one of them suffered broken ankle :lol:


Had a great chat with him a few years ago (he has a house in Portugal). He seems a real genuine guy who was really pleased to chat with a Sunderland fan over a pint.


Julio's agent iirc

Is indeed. Represents a few younger swedish players as well. This was last summer but he was trying to get trials for Piotr Johansson and Filip Helander from MFF to us and the Mags.

Very young lads, but he seemed very impressed with the pair.

ITK me like.

I'd like our scouts to take a look at Ivo Pekalski in the Swedish league. Very much like Schwarz tbh.

He's a bit of a combative midfielder but can control and pass. And not just Dean Whitehead style. Only 21/22
Was once voted the 6th hardest man in the history of Sweden. When you consider the amount of bearded loonies that have come out of Scandanavia in the past 2 millenium that's probably good going.

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genericus said:
superb footballer, we've had some very good Midfielders in our time
Schwarz, Reyna, McCann, Hutchison

Well I can spot an odd one out there
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