Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Not played it but it’s apparently the best Star Wars game made.

Whether that’s because the game is class or previous instalments have been shite, I don’t know.
That would be Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. If this is owt like an update of that it should be pretty good. I remember having similar hopes for The Force Unleashed though and that was utter pap.
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Really enjoying this so far, had it a while but just have an hour or 2 here and there I think Im a fair bit through now. Just playing on normal mode though not thye ultra hard a lot seem to be
Got this for Christmas, played a few hours so far and really enjoying it. Only playing on normal difficulty I think, that's probably hard enough for me :lol:
Santa brought the bairn this for Christmas, he loves it but had a total fucking meltdown earlier today. There was a bit he needed to get up onto but it was a slippy area, he kept backflipping up towards where he needed to be and slipped down ever so slightly every time - he was crying because he desperately wanted to get up ffs. He managed to finish that level and vowed he would never play that level again (think he's nearing the end of the game now, I've quite enjoyed watching him play it and I think it would have been canny as a movie).


I sacked it off, might get back to it at some stage, so annoying having to trek all the way back through the level to the ship the whole time.
Agree I did the same but got back playing it a few days ago. Its a cracking game apart from the map and having the clart on of finding way back to ship :lol: