Star Wars episode 8

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  2. I happen to think you're wrong about a Star Wars TV show ending up being just Buffy with Lightsabers based on watching the developing stories that have been done since Disney bought Lucasfilm and tbf, you haven't. Obviously that can't be proven either way until the show comes out but at least I have some sort of reference point for it as the animated shows give you a sense of how it will play out. Your statement was the cartoons 'cheapen' the mythos yet you haven't even watched them to make an informed opinion. And I'll carry on claiming you're wrong about like. That's what I don't get, how can you make an informed opinion about something when you've not watched any of it? Seems a bollocks way to form an opinion to me like, bit like saying Bob Dylan is shit without listening to him. I've seen you defend the prequels and I've said for ages that what they did with the cartoons is better than all of those three movies imo. Few clips here of Anakin from Clone Wars and how he's depicted which is better than anything achieved in the films imo.


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