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  1. Concept came from Lucas, it was what the Jedi were originally called. And the story board team aren't Disney, they're all from Lucasfilm and stayed on board when Disney bought it out. I've got a life thanks. Obviously not up to the intellectual standards you've got in your own but I'm happy enough to enjoy my mythologies and a bit of pop corn entertainment.
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    The name alone did. Lucas is guilty of many things, but a talking stag is not one of them.
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    talking stag > little rapey furby wankers

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    :lol: :lol:
  5. :lol: A stag? A mutant one from boro maybes if you looked at it with squinted eyes after 10 pints. And Lucas was gulity of bringing Maul back to life, even though he'd been chopped in half. That was a fucking bad idea.

    However, it's the way the story will be going, completing the Skywalker story arc and bringing in the Whills which was an original Lucas concept. So by the time of the end of episode 9 I'd expect the Jedi to be no more, the Sith to be no more and the Whills to be in place. And I'll put money on the final story they'll tell to complete the Skywalker arc will be a stand alone Obi-wan film in 2020. Then that will be it, no more trilogy fims for a good few year and no stand alone for at least two and no more going back to this time period either imo. And the reason I say that is they want the move into live action TV as that's been been on the cards at Lucasfilm since they went back and done the prequels. Hence getting the animated Clone Wars series as live action was too expensive at the time. If Disney linked up with say Netflix, the money to make the show stops being a problem, and Dave Filoni, George Lucas' padawan if you like, will get the gig.

    I could go all spoiler and explain how Anakin already fulfilled the prophecy and did indeed bring balance back to the force and how that subsequently manifested in the films we see from Revenge of the Sith onwards but it's from the cartoons so doubt any high browed adults would be interested in it.;)
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    disney or lucasfilm? don't they not want to ape the comic book marvel factory line format for the silver screen?
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    It's got antlers FFS.

    The book in the trailer's the journal of the Whills I reckon. Or part of it.

    Everyone already knows that.

    My point is, making these cartoons canon cheapens the whole thing. I agree, Maul is a bad idea, but so is the rest.
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    The Bendu???

    I thought it was The Whills?
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    I thought it was unoriginal and uninspiring. Felicity Jones was awful as the lead. Without the Star Wars moniker it wouldn't have done half as well.
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    can there be any originality in star wars after 40 years?
  11. Well Disney own Lucasfilm so I think the terms have become a bit interchangable. Never heard anything about them following the Marvel style, just that this entire story arc in this time line about balance coming back to the force will be wrapped up completely with the last stand alone in 2020, which if that theory is right, will be an Obi Wan movie. After that, it'll be in a different time period and they're hinting at the Whills and the Old Republic and the Unkonwn Regions all over the place. Jedha in Rogue One had a good few mentions of the Whills, who were some sort of beings/force users that pre date the Jedi and the Sith. I have a string suspicion that the ancient collapsed statue you see is of a Whill, not a Jedi.

    There's a few reasons they have for going into TV like;
    1, it's been a long term aim from Lucasfilm and pretty much the same story board team kept their jobs after Disney took over
    2, the money is now available to do it
    3, going into a completely different timeline with Star Wars on the small screen is less of a risk than in movie land.
    4, Dave Filoni. He did Clone Wars working under Lucas and runs the current Rebels show so knows how TV works. And he's always annoyed he only gets 21 minutes an episode on the animation unlike the 40 minutes he'll get for live action.
    5, You can explore so much more of the mythology in a 20 episode a season TV show being shown every year than you can in a two and a half hour film every couple of years.
    6, The pressure that comes with having to keep doing a Star Wars movie better than the last one is immense, both Ryan Johnson and Mark Hamill made references to it at this year's celebration.

    I'm expecting the TV thing about 2020/2021. And no saga movies for about five years after Episode 9 comes out.
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    No, but that was my original point.
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    Was there any in the first place?
  14. You watched the cartoons like, as that is a bold claim to make without having seen any of them? And you do realise that Clone Wars animation was Lucas' idea, no-one else's? And it's where Lucas had decide to tell the rest of the stories he wanted to? And Dave Filoni, currently running Rebels, was Lucas's right hand man throughout the making of Clone Wars? I'd like to know what it is you think is bad about them. In fact, do me a massive favour and watch this trailer for season 2 of Rebels and then explain to me how it cheapens the whole canon.

    May well be right about the journa lof the Whills but again, what makes you think every one knows that? I mena, how did you find out, from the films or from elksewhere? I'll put money there's people on this thread, enjoy the movies, and had no idea that book could possibly be connected to the Whills.

    Think the journal might be but how the scene is done, it looks very much like the Bendu from Rebels. Or it could be referring to one of the force trees that Luke planted after the Emperor's demise. (Comics story)
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    Aye, and all the fuckin' guff that comes with it. Start trying to fill 20 hours of television and they'll come up with ridiculous things. A lot of these big television shows become very shit and very unsatisfying. Before ya know it you'll have Buffy the fuckin Vampire Slayer in space with lightsabres.

    :lol: Force trees. See that's just silly.

    Anakin being the one to bring balance was what I was referring to.
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  16. Wrong again about that mate. That story board team is really good about what they will and won't do and you know that by what has already been vetoed by them as it didn't fit the story at the time. Best example is when Lucas wanted to make Revan canon and it was Filoni who said no as it didn't serve the purposes of the story. Same episode of Clone Wars where Anakin fulfills the prophecy actually. That's the primary focus, not the eye candy guff you're on about.

    Force trees were a Lucas idea though. Just being implemented by Lucasfilm as a nod to the man and following on from how he envisaged the story going forwards. Which is happening a lot in the films, cartoons, books and comics with a lot of the concepts George had for Star Wars. I understand that the whole mythos isn't for everyone and I'm sure Disney can cope with the odd person here and there stopping watching them as they don't like what is being done with it. They'll still rack in a billion a movie and get more fans on board with the likes of the comics, books and cartoons.

    I'm more interested in what you thought of the trailer though, and how you work out it cheapens canon? As I really don't see it, but then again I've watched them all as it's good storytelling and characterisation imo.

    Ah right, sorry about that. But it's never explained in the movies how that was achieved, or even if it was. In fact, I'll go so far as to say the majority of people who just watch the movie have no idea that Lucas has already seeded just how it was achieved in the Clone Wars cartoons. And I'll say the majority of people who just watch the films think that the other hope Yoda referred to in Empire was Leia. And that isn't the case either.
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    :lol: This is too much.

    How can I possibly be wrong about that when they haven't even made an episode of a TV show yet?
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    Woah woah woah!!
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    Fuck me I thought I was a Star wars nerd........Theres some proper geeky force on this thread :eek:
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    Ya kna I'm reet.

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