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  2. I withdraw my original objection and apologise. Evidently those of us who aren't balls deep in the ancillary works of the Star Wars universe have been taken in by some clever little shitehawks posting speculation as if it was fact. So they're not posting plot spoilers, they're just sad twats who haven't got a transfer window to keep them occupied and are wasting people's time on here instead. Yay for them.
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  3. The Exile

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    That makes him a Calrissian then, as there are only two black men in the SW universe ;)
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  4. Oh I'm sorry. I didn't realise I was supposed to check every piece of info that was posted in here to see whether it was actually likely or not.
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  5. Fetch Fletch

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    :lol: calm down flower it's only a film
  6. BIG BAZ

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    Im pleased you wrote that marra and saved me the time and effort......theres no spoilers at all on this thread, not that i can see anyway
  7. Just information posted to look like spoilers to those who haven't seen/read everything outside the main films
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  8. niceonemarra

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    Trailer is crap and the film doesn't look that good either.
  9. weebil64

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    Thanks for your in depth insight.
  10. Bakerlooline

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    If I was to make a start on Star Wars literature, where should I start?
  11. The Exile

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    According to my kids there's a third black man in the Star Wars universe.

    Darth Vader.
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  12. Have to admit to being canny impressed with how Disney have gone about the stories outside of the film. And with Lucas not being on board, ridiculous ideas like bringing back Maul were never going to be repeated so it's a shame to see people being taken in by it. The guy who had to come up with pulling the idea off, Dave Filoni, is now pretty much running the Star Wars story team at Disney and he thought it was a ridiculous idea. And every film, comic, book, TV show is all run through the story team before getting a green light. Filoni is a much better story teller than Lucas an all imo, can see that in Rebels compared to the Clone Wars. Rebels is better than the prequels. Admittedly not a high standard but it is so much better than what Lucas did with episodes 1,2 &3.

    For more to the overall story lines, I'd recommend Aftermath trilogy, which takes you from the battle of Endor to the battle of Jakku. Thrawn, which has just come out and is set from him meeting the Empire and the Emperor and takes you up to season 3 of Rebels. Sith Lords is canny just to see Vader and the Emperor being hunted across a hostile planet. And Rebels. Watch that, as that has ended up being a really good link between the two lots of trilogy films.
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  13. Bakerlooline

    Bakerlooline Midfield

    So is that Aftermath, Life Debt and Empire's End? In that order?
  14. pmsl right at the end the cgi was so bad.
  15. Aye. I found Aftermath a bit slow going in places but Life Debt and Empire's End are really good. Both are well paced and have some brilliant touches in them. I've gone back and watched Force Awakens since I've read them and I think it enhances the viewing experience and I'm still convinced that more aspects drawn upon in these books will turn up in Last Jedi. And I'd also say Thrawn is a must read as well. No real spoiler to say Thrawn is a Chiss and their homeworld is somewhere in the unknown regions. If you like the whole Star Wars mythology and/or you played Knights of the Old Republic, I'll be betting you will enjoy these books. And watch Rebels. :D I know I keep banging that particular drum but for a cartoon TV show designed for 12 year olds, it's fucking brilliant. And it has Thrawn in it from season 3. I'll argue all day long that the storytelling is not only so much better than the prequels, it's up there with the original trilogy.


    A quick shot from the Season 2 finale which shows our protagonists at a Sith temple on Malachor surrounded by charred burnt up corpses from a war fought a long, long time ago. I could say which war, but I'm not going to as I don't want to give any spoilers away for anyone who decides to watch it. It is honestly for that reason and not because I'm a complete twat that likes to put little teases like this into Star Wars threads in the hope that people go watch Rebels.
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    Still cant believe that one lad didnt rate Rogue One :eek:

    Tremendous film
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    Best of the lot for me.
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  18. mackembulldog

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    Film for bairns.. (just in case anyone hasn't done it already)... Im a big bairn and love star wars
  19. chriswallace85

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    The fuckin' Bendu???? How ridiculous. :lol:

    If Disney dee gan down that route that's me out like.
    Gerra life hew, it's your only hope.
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    I'm looking forward to it as I love Star Wars but without George Lucas even though I know it won't be bad now it'll not a masterpiece like a new hope or empire

    Force awakens was really good but it was just a soft reboot of new hope and roque one was a decent film but It wasn't in the class of episodes 4-7

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