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Discussion in 'SMB' started by HebburnMackem, Sep 22, 2017.

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    Yeah but I have work!!!
    After being disappointed by JJs Khan rip off, Enterprise (first two seasons) and Voyager, I’m still desperate :lol:

    Interestingly critics seem to like/love it, trekkers on IMDb notsomuch! I’d rather a good tv show than a good trek in all honesty. Remove all the quantum techno fluff of Voyager for instance.
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    I just enjoy a good science fiction show.. never been one for getting immersed into universe or geekdom, just recent story lines is all I’m bothered about.. hopefully this has it going for it and doesn’t go overkill like you say in the techno babble / geekdom
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    on a slightly related note, talking about differences between Kelvin and Prime, am i right in thinking that one difference is that in Kelvin, Kirk takes control of the Enterprise a lot earlier (age wise) that in Prime, due to the timeline changes accelerating him into the position. Id always thought in Prime he was 30 ish, but in Kelvin 20 ten years difference.

    Or am meringue???
  4. HebburnMackem

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    Well I've seen it. As Sci-Fi it's fantastic (8.5/10), and looks epic. As Star Trek is a bit of a mixed bag (6.5/10) for a Star Trek traditionalist like myself but I need to think about it for a while and a few more episodes. But I do like it.

    Spoilers below:
    They used holographic technology for communication instead of view screens as they are supposed to be using 10 years before Kirk et al on the USS Enterprise.
    The two childhood flashbacks look a bit forced to me, a little too contrived.
    Sonequa Martin-Green acting is a bit poor tbh. Not just because of the Vulcan influence
    Saru looks like he might be an interesting character.
    There was hope that at least one of the houses would look like the Klingons we know and love, but that's obviously not happening.
    The preview for the upcoming episodes has me a little worried as they reminds me of the sitcom drama that BSG turned into which really turned me off.
    Sometimes the crew looked like kids playing soldiers rather than trained Starfleet officers and bridge crew.
    It looks like Discovery is set in a 3rd Star Trek universe that's neither Prime nor JJ, but may borrow and evolve both
    They use lens flare but appropriately! :lol:

    Yeah, that was one of the really stupid script choices they made. He went from cadet to captain (in rank not position) faster than you can say "punch it"
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    The director did say this week that fans should be patient as there will be continuity issues that fans will see, that explain themselves in later episodes.....but if that explanation is

    that its simply a different fucking universe to any we've ever seen before, thats a bit of an easy, crap get out :neutral:
    Im racking my brains now.....they said it concerns an event that has been talked about but never seen. Has there been interactions mentioned (that weve never seen) where there has been contact with another universe??)

    So, if its 10 years before Kirks travels, then if its Kelvin, hes knocking about somewhere as a 10 year old. But if its Prime, then hes out there as a 20 year old!?
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    If it's Prime then Kirk is just arrived on the USS Farragut. Kelvin, he's not yet joined Starfleet.
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    So, not quickly then, a while.
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    Just finished watching it.

    @HebburnMackem if you meant a single thing you said about the two JJA movies, you must hate it. Because it's those without the budget, familiar characters and skillful direction. And find me anyone as wooden as Michelle Yaoh in the fillums.

    I'll watch it. I'll look forward to watching it. But it's the TV program that tried to be a sci-fi action movie and came up short.
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    Yes, the Federation - Romulan war were talked about but never seen. But that was united Earth before the federation.. So maybe more fuckery with canon :/

    Although a departure, it seems a closer to traditional trek than JJ Abrams to me so far.
    Yeah, in my spoiler I mention Michelle Yaoh is poor. I can just tell Issacs is gonns steal the show

    The After show was quite good too. A bit "American" but some good information and tidbits in it.
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  10. Billy Rocket

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    I'm not at all surprised. See my "JJA lite" comments above.
  11. Fetch Fletch

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    I'm not at all surprised. See my "JJA lite" comments above.[/QUOTE]

    Aw man! I didn't want to see his hand anywhere!!
  12. Billy Rocket

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    Get lost man. The perfect recasting of Kirk, Spock and Bones vs. the hammy acting of characters you've never heard of???

    (and you said Sonequa Martin-Green was crap, not Michelle Yaoh)
  13. HebburnMackem

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    For me the technobabble and half science / half cutting science theory is part of what makes 'Trek not just another generic sci-fi. That's part of the reason why astronauts, engineers and scientists are inspired by the show. You never hear an ISS autonaut saying they chose thier career path because of Star Wars, but you do all the time for 'Trek. You'd not get Steven Hawking on Star Wars, Firefly, Stargate etc.
    Take that away, take exploration away, take the human condition away and you have just any old sci-fi.

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  14. Maxie

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    I've been thinking, what was the last trek show in terms of being on tv - enterprise. And that had a shit load of fucking about with the timeline. Didn't a planet get irradiated in one instance that shouldn't have happened? And don't get me started on the fucking xindi!!! (People complaining about a Spock sister not being mentioned but the human race had forgot about an attack on earth for some reason!!!:lol::eek:)

    What I'm saying is, as enterprise was the latest show in recent memory, maybe they'll usr it's changing the timeline to get round differences in discovery to TOS and TNG......maybe
  15. HebburnMackem

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    DS9, VOY and Enterprise had no Kirk, Spock or Bones and are 100% core 'Trek that worked.
    In the JJ films the casting of Kirk was good, the rest not so much and no way "perfect" casting.
    I definitely feel that ST:D is closer to proper 'Trek than JJ's stuff so far.

    Sorry yes, I mean Michael / Sonqua not Yoah
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  16. Billy Rocket

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    From reading loads of reviews (from critics who had the benefit of watching the first 3 episodes a few days ago) it seems that episode 3, when the USS Discovery and (Hello) Jason Isaacs appear, is something of a rebirth, with a more of a TV episode/budget approach.

    Let's hope so. Needs another chance to get it right imho.
  17. HebburnMackem

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    Very true. The only change they have done so far that I really don't like is fucking with the Klingons. Why change a "brand" that is absolutely perfect and is a recognisable global icon? If you want to do that, make a new race.
    There was rumours that they were going to somehow get around it by having one of the houses look like traditional klingons.. but from the debut episodes, it doesn't look like it.

    Did anyone get the feeling from the clips of the future episodes that it looked a little like BSG when it turned a bit drama - sitcom ish and wank? The scenes it showed were entirely about Michael's interpersonal issues with others and nothing else. This jives with them keep saying over the last few months that the show is very much about diversity and acceptance of others etc to an almost exclusion of things like science, exploration and sci-fi etc.?
    or just me?
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  18. Billy Rocket

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    No they didn't, they were crap, compared to TOS. As much as I think that Roddenberry was probably an imperfect, egotistical wanker, it's noticeable that Trek lost everything "Trek" when it lost him.

    JJA got the Kirk-Spock-Bones dynamic absolutely spot on. It was a joy to watch the old dynamic re-establish itself as an origins story (which is what it was) in ST09. I think it all went completely over your head.

    Dunno mate, I've never seen BSG (except as some injection I had as a kid, or was it a food additive). I didn't get the whole Michael - Sarek connection thing either. How did that help her escape from the brig?
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  19. HebburnMackem

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    >No they didn't, they were crap, compared to TOS
    That's just your opinion, one that most people don't agree with from the "old guard" in polls, including myself. Beyond speculation, TNG won more awards than all of the other series combined. VOY, TNG and DS9 get more views on Netflix than TOS too. Sorry the facts just don't agree with you.

    >it's noticeable that Trek lost everything "Trek" when it lost him.
    When Gene left TNG (Not TOS) changed, but it's completely wrong to say it lost everything "Trek". There's been some very pure Gene episodes well after he died in TNG, DS9 and VOY

    >JJA got the Kirk-Spock-Bones dynamic absolutely spot on.
    The dynamic in the first two was so bad it hardly existed, it was ok in the 3rd

    >I think it all went completely over your head.
    None of it went over my head because there's nothing of substance in those movies too go over my head. They are written with the blandest of generic sci-fi and are fast n furious in an Apple store. Utter wank and that's why they have been abandoned after only 3 movies. Just face the facts

    Why you still banging on about the JJ films for anyway. They are history.
    ST: Discovery is the thing here and it's closer to proper Trek than any of the JJ Stuff was

    @Billy Rocket If you're a fan of TOS. This ametur production company very much captures the spirit of the show. Kirk is played well, bone and spock not so much. But overall it's quite good for ametur stuff
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  20. Billy Rocket

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    Well of course TOS doesn't do as well on Netflix in 2017. FFS it's from the 1960s.

    Give me one:

    1) reason why Star Trek was such a success, that doesn't mention of Kirk, Spock or Bones

    2) set of characters equal to them in anything after TOS.

    You can't.

    What has gone over your head is that the Kirk-Spock-Bones axis is everything. It's why a cheesy 60s space-soap with Blue Peter sticky-backed plastic special effects, and often lame stories, became a legend. It's what JJA re-created and modernised when no-one (least of all me) thought it possible, which lead to his ST movies being the most popular of them all, despite plot holes that you could drive a bus through.

    You appear to have missed all that, and your desperation to include the godawful Beyond in them, in which JJA played no direct part, just demonstrates your impartiality.

    JJA saved Star Trek at the box office. FACT.

    Without which there'd be no Star Trek Discovery, and no this thread. FACTAMUNDO.
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