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    Why exactly? Thought it was brilliant myself, the scenes with quark in were brilliant.
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    For me Star Trek is about getting out there into new regions of space and tbe interesting perils that go with that.

    DS9 was just a soap opera on a space station.

    Dont get me wrong i like all Star Trek but that was the most boring for me.
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    DS9 has aged really well. It ditched the 'villain of the week' and reset buttons of all its predecessors and had long story arcs that you had to pay attention to, far more like modern shows. It also features some of the best double acts in Trek - Quark and Odo, Bashir and Garak (Garak and anyone really. Fantastic character), Sisko and Dax. Then they dropped Worf in to brilliant effect. The only downside is Keiko O'Brien, who was taken over by an evil alien in one episode but became less passive aggressive, preachy, self centred and annoying.

    TNG was a great show but lots of it now looks like Equality And Diversity In Space.

    Voyager, less said about it the better. The Seven Of Nine Show plus some interchangeable cardboard cutouts - Harry Paris, Tom Kim, whatever. Sod the writing, look at the catsuit.

    Enterprise - didn't move fast enough towards the Star Trek we know. Weak characters, poor writing.
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    As usual, @Frijj knows nowt
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    Think yourselves lucky it's on a mainstream streaming service. Over here it's on CBS All Access, which is $6.99 a month and is a shite streaming service that no one in there right mind would subscribe to. I suppose I'll just have to have a rake about on Kodi for it.
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    Found DS9 a bit of a slow burner but once the Dominion War storyline started that's when the series found its footing and showed some of the best episodes, i.e. In The Pale Moonlight, Far Beyond The Stars & The Siege Of AR-558.

    TNG once it got past its first two series was fantastic to watch, gave some truly memorable episodes such as Darmok, The Inner Light, Chain Of Command.

    Voyager was a bit like marmite you either hated it or loved it, sometimes relied too much on technobabble to save the day, although there were a couple of stand out episodes.

    Enterprise for me had a lot of potential, but for some reason (maybe due to interference behind the scenes from Scott Bakula) never got to fulfil people's hopes, maybe if it hadn't been cancelled we might have got to see the build up to the Romulan War and we also might have got a decent final episode, instead of that poor attempt that was a slap in the face not only to the fans but the cast too.
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    Star Trek Bridge Crew with a VR headset is quite fun. Especially the intro where you fly around the ship in a shuttle a bit like the TMP scene you reference.

    Playing the game with other real people manning the bridge stations is a hoot.
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    That's one of the reasons I would love to get Playstation VR, if anything to try my hand at The Kobayashi Maru :cool:
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    Tried that, on an Oculus Rift - it didn't go well for the feckless crew of the Kobayashi Maru
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    Is it true that the series is a continuing story instead of a series of one offs? Worrying if so.
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    That DS9/B5 story has been vastly exaggerated over the years. At worst they took the idea of a space station as a melting pot for stories and species. Hardly a new idea anyway. However B5 took dozen of tropes from the Star Trek world from the prior 2 series, movies and lore.

    Get out now. :lol: JJ Abomination's movies are shite.

    Officially they said it's the prime timeline, but if you watch Trekyards et al , you'll see very solid references to the Kelvin timeline. Once such thing is the ship's plaque on the bridge.

    I played it shortly after it came out and I uninstalled it within an hour, it was garbage. I tried it again a month ago and it's almost like another game, much much better. It's clunky, as it's an MMO, but very good.

    Most people that have followed and love 'Trek over the last 51 years hate it. Not all, but the vast majority.
    The biggest fans of the Kelvin timeline are the new fans who also like Transformers, Fast and Furious, Star Wars, have ADHD and will like some other franchise next year.
    Just look at recent conventions, the crowd fawns over TOS, TNG, VOY, DS9 cast members, but don't give a flying fuck about those from the recent movies.

    For me it's The Motion Picture. It has heaps of exploration and adventure as they look at the wonders of the universe and new races. Tons of exploration of the human condition. Lots of character interplay. Absolutely gorgeous animation and ships done on an epic scale. Loads of scientific technobabble wrapped with real science. This for me is the core of what Star Trek is, not the hide and seek space battles of WoK.
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    Perhaps they should just get over themselves, and remember that others want to play with the ball too.

    I've also been watching ST since I was a bairn, and I hate ADHD films. I particularly detest mind-numbing shite that relies on never ending chases, fights, shootemups, explosions and idiotic plot developments. That's why I don't like superhero movies, Star Wars and Star Trek Beyond.

    To me, the key to ST has always been the characters (and, crucially, casting) and the interplay between them. The type of story - action, drama, comedy or whatever - has always been secondary, as long as it's a decent one.

    JJA smashed the ball out of the park on that score. That's why the world, including your subset of Trekkies (who will no doubt have downvoted en masse), voted the JJA films the best 2 out of all 13. So fuck if they were also fast paced, it's not the 60s any more. The ST movie franchise had previously died because it was generally DULL.

    IMHO the best of them were those which drew upon issues of the day, like The Voyage Home (our ecological rape of planet Earth), The Undiscovered Country (fall of the Soviet Union), and Into Darkness (9/11).

    More story diversity in 3 ST fillums there than in the entire Star Wars franchise put together. ;)
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    There's much more to it than just it being set on a space station. The whole "emissary" thing with the prophesies etc is directly ripped out of the B5 story. There are so many parallels it is very clear that they took Straczinski's overall plot outline and built their ST storyline out of the one pitched to them by MJS.
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    So the people that have supported the franchise for 51 years should "get over themselves" and stop having anything they like and let the very transient audience have the 3 brief movies, then kill the franchise completely when their attention runs out.?Sorry but that's just stupid.

    The only thing that JJ's movies "smashed out of the park" was that they were popular with kids. Just like McDonald's is more popular than a good restaurant, it's still shit though. The JJ movies were 100% just money making machines and they did very well in that regard, but were very poor Star Trek.

    No, the previous Star Trek movies stopped because there was an overload of 'Trek on the small and big screen. This is a well known fact in the industry.
    Also remember it looks like after only 3 JJ movies they have fucked that up and people have had enough. They might not make a 4th movie, because the ADHD kids the JJ movies appeal to and are aimed at want to watch Transformers 6 and Fast N Furious 16 instead.
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    Absolute dribble. It's not just a toy for weirdos and dullards. It's for normal people too. JJA gave it back to normal people without taking away what makes ST, ST - the crew and their interplay. He did an especially magnificent job on that, which no-one thought possible beforehand. Replace Kirk, Spock and Bones?? IMPOSSIBLE! (and SACRILEGE!). Not only did he do that, he made the story about it. And it was great.

    There haven't been 3 JJA movies. Beyond was Justin Lin and a different writing team. If the reboot franchise is dead, it's because of Beyond, not the previous two.
  16. HebburnMackem

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    So the most successful TV franchise ever, and the first 10 movies are watched by weirdos and dullards? er. ok.
    So who exactly was JJ giving the movies "back to" if they were the only people who liked 'Trek up until that point? You're not making sense. :lol:

    JJ's take on Star Trek is very generic sci-fi, almost like Star Wars in places and simply there to attract the lowest common denominator to generate money. He was never out to craft something wonderful as he was just using it as a way to get into the Star Wars franchise. All of this is just well known fact.

    JJ Abrams created the universe that all 3 movies lived in, his production company made all 3 too, he directed the first 2. All 3 are VERY much his movies regardless of Lin directing the last one. This is crystal clear to anyone who's seen all 3 movies that they are cut from the same cloth.

    Yes the Kelvin movies are dead because the Kelvin timeline is shit and the kiddies it appeals to have all gone home. It was a short term cash grab that lasted a handful of years and has sunk faster than the Vengeance :lol:
    Meanwhile the universe that the "weirdos and dullards" like has lasted for 51 and is still continuing. THAT tells you everything. :lol:

    Go weirdos and dullards! :lol:
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  17. Billy Rocket

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    If ST09 isn't in the same ballpark as ST 1 - The Motion Picture, ST 5 - The Final Frontier, ST 7 - Generations, ST 9 - Insurrection and ST 10 - Nemesis, then it must be the Ballpark Of Shite we're talking about.

    Go normal people and normal Star Trek fans!

    Back on topic, I see the USS Discovery was spotted flying above NYC last night.

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  18. HebburnMackem

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    It was spotted above Sydney too. :lol: [​IMG]
  19. Billy Rocket

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    That's a boomerang mate.
  20. HebburnMackem

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    USS Discovery, Boomerang class. :lol:

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