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    >Actually every physicist on the planet knows that QM and Relativity are wrong at a fundamental level. They're not just "incomplete". QM will never be able to include gravity, relativity will never be able to describe things at a quantum level. Both models, whilst highly accurate and a huge accomplishment, are wrong. Problem is... we don't even know where to start in creating a new model.

    Gustav Kirchhoff, Ludwig Boltzman, Heinrich Hertz, Schrödinger, Max Planck, Einstein and indeed Hawkins all worked with or had dealings with QM along with a large field of scientists today. So yeah, there's that.
    Most electronics companies have to deal with the very real and physical effects of QM in their small scale products. For example Quantum Tunneling which is part of QM is a very much a real thing. So yeah, there's that too.

    >Conservation of energy?

    A common misconception. The conservation of energy is related to the time invariance of physical rules and laws. Ie, it works the same way in both directions of time.

    Check out Noether's theorem for further information.

    >Einstein-Rosen bridges are a theoretical consequence of the abstract maths in relativity. To create one would take a particle accelerator the size of the fucking solar system. :lol:

    Yes they are a theory, yet to be proven or disproven. But everything points to the likelihood of them existing far more than not. That's exactly why you'd not use a particle accelerator for that. One method uses a type of exotic matter that has negative mass which is far less "fringe" than I thought, apparently it's been produced in some form more than once. (I've not dug into the details yet)

    By the way, that's observational evidence in field of QM, the very thing you say doesn't exist. There's a link to the paper at the bottom.

    And another one by an independent source:

    Lasers Used to Create Negative Mass Particles - ExtremeTech

    >Upon reading the rest of your post I've realised that you have no formal education in physics and are just writing nonsense, no offence intended.

    Actually I do and furthermore I think I've represented my case far better than you with the attempt to explain things and provide links to the subject matter. But I see you've stopped debating and are beginning with the insults, what a shame.

    >I'm guessing you've read wiki pages on physics

    I get my data from all sorts of sources as long as it has citations (or at least try). There's nothing inherently wrong with wiki pages any more than a paper page, it's the citations to white papers, studies and research that make the difference.

    >and watched Michio Kaku documentaries on the scyfy channel but have never actually picked up a maths book and learned the basics.

    I see, more unneeded insults.

    >You need to forget everything you've learned and go back to the beginning marra. It's literally impossible to get a grasp of physics without learning how to use abstract maths.

    Actually the best thing to do is just end this conversation. You seem to be happy disagreeing with some of the scientific greats throughout history regarding and an entire field of physics and related industries that uses it regarding QM and relativity.

    Regardless of who's right or wrong, for some reason you've out of the blue needlessly resorted to being deliberately condescending and insulting. I don't know why you feel threatened enough to do that.

    Yeah, prolly for me too.
    So yeah, it looks like Michael does indeed go back in time and her DNA was correct. They just confused which times were hers and which her mothers.
    No plot hole last week then ;):lol:
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    I haven't disagree'd with any of them. THEY all knew it was wrong, that's my point. YOU don't, meaning you haven't learned the very basics. QM and relativity directly contradict eachother man. You don't know that because you have a wikipedia knowledge of physics.

    Here are 2 basic questions for you to test how much you know. Ready?
    Q1, The only way to differentiate between gravity and acceleration is by measuring __________?
    Q2, ...

    Fuckit, let's see if you can answer that first. Google won't help you btw.
  3. boo man, gan fuck a spock you boring twat

    Discovery is flawed enough to warrant some interesting discussion without having it descend into some sort of hilariously ironic geek cock-waving contest
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  4. What a bloody waste of 50 minutes.. Again.
  5. George Kaplan

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    For the unscientifically informed who watch space drama on telly for entertainment - sometimes forgetting who’s who from one episode to the next : I thought the last episode was far too full of melodramatic emotional farewells and gulping and being proud-of-who-we-are standing erect and metaphorical saluting of flags. Shatner, Nimoy etc etc would have saved the universe, wrestled with a lizard, talked. haltingly. about. love and raised one eyebrow on countless occasions within the first 10 minutes. Picard would have tugged at this shirt, pointed and muttered ‘engage’ and everything would have blown up ages ago.

    I think they got the timing wrong and they had an entire episode to fill with a cliffhanger for the next series with not enough plot for it.

    Still enjoyed it though-but
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    Well that was a slow burner of an episode.
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    I did my Physics degrees in the gap between between the Original Series and the Motion Picture. In those days, Star Trek barely even qualified as authentic science fiction.

    Over the years mainly through my kids, I have come to love Star Trek in all its forms for the lightweight escapist entertainment that it is. The trick is to suspend disbelief. Trying to reconcile it with actual science is doomed to failure and certainly not worth arguing over online. The real thing is so much more interesting, anyway.
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    Whats worse is the writer for that episode is a showrunner :confused:
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    I think that’s the saying goodbyes was because there going to be a bit of the ‘red wedding’ about next weeks episode.
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    The thing about the 'red wedding' that makes people put 'red wedding' in inverted commas that everybody knows what they mean by 'red wedding' ...was distinctly missing from what will become known as the 'waffling on about how important we all are to one another and telegraphing that something truly awesome is going to happen in the next episode - except that it is now expected to happen so isn't really a 'red wedding' moment at all' Star Trek Discovery episode
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    This thread actually has a more entertaining script that STD.
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    More entertaining than syphilis?
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    I take it you didn’t enjoy the episode then?
  14. George Kaplan

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    Nah. Enjoyed it. :)
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    Noticed on the recap there were scenes id missed. If you scroll down through the episodes theres some mini episodes at the bottom. Never knew.
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    Ah... thought I’d fallen asleep and missed something about that alien lass :oops:
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    You mean the 4 Short Treks?
  18. Taggartis

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    Mini episodes / short treks whatever. Jesus
  19. HebburnMackem

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    You could have meant something else, don't get your knickers in a twist over a simple question ffs
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    Well, what a complete load of epic rubbish of an episode that was.

    Violins out for everybody for some reason.

    Complete and utter crap.

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