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  1. AlpineExile

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    And when I quit the pub I'm currently in and go home I'm going to be watching Blood of Patriots.

    But yes, Identity Part II was a good episode, even if I'm still getting over The Orville suddenly getting all serious.
  2. niceonemarra

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    Agreed marra the last 2 eps of The Orville is some of the best tv I've ever seen and I've seen breaking bad.
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  3. FootballFan

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    bang on there tbf
  4. bigmarlon

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    If they concentrated more on storyline instead of trying to appeal to women and LGBT folk on twitter it'd be a great series. They've got the money, set and cast to do it.

    It's being ruined by writers obsessed with identiity politics. Same thing happened to Dr. Who. The introduction of Cpt Pike is the only thing saving it at the minute imo. He's genuinely a good character and not an agenda driven cardboard cut-out.

    I like Michelle Yeoh anarl, she's interesting. I'd like to see her in more episodes.
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  5. FootballFan

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    Liking Pike more and more. Its a pity the rest of the crew they are concentrating on are such bad actors with zero charisma/personality. That is the key I think, what the original series had.
  6. The Exile

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    I think Georgiou's crap mind. Pantomime villian who would be locked up in the prime timeline. Half the Federation seems to know about Section 31 and the Mirror Universe.
  7. Invictus

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    But the question is are they in the ‘original’ timeline at the moment or are they going to move into the original timeline?
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  8. Dark Traveller

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  9. WillD

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    I enjoyed the last episode, bringing it all together, loved the link to the pilot episode with Pike. It's more a continuous story rather than a Star Trek episode though, that's what I liked about the previous versions, you could watch any episode in almost any order and enjoy it.
  10. HebburnMackem

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    I dunno, this sure looks like a pro-Borg alcove to me.


    The theory that she turns out to be the first Borg queen might be true.

    BTW, Project Daedalus was a British UNMANNED interstellar spacecraft.

    Did us Brits cause the Borg?!??

    Project Daedalus - Wikipedia
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  11. bigmarlon

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    One thing that's starting to annoy me is the random fucking lens flare dancing about the screen in random scenes. One minute it's there and the entire screen is fiilled with it, the next it's gone.

    I imagine there's a fella laying on the floor pointing a lazer pointer at the camera. JJ Abrahms did the same with the films but it's much worse in this series.
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  12. bigmarlon

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  13. The Exile

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    Another good episode, but it doesn't move us on very far. Useful stuff on character though. HipsterSpock is pretty decent.
  14. PulseSafc

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    Good episode that.
    Aryam was FIT mind.
  15. Doeboy

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    Really enjoying this series, only started watching it a few months ago and absolutely binged it :lol:
  16. bigmarlon

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    Good episode that.
  17. Albay3037

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    Well that sucks! I quite liked Airiam, was hoping they were going to explore her character a bit more :(
  18. Ijustsaidthat

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    If they are just going to be making this stuff up as they go along, as it is fiction... why remind me of a terrible Tv show from 40 years ago....

    I am all for diversity, but why if you've created an entire universe of fictional beings do you need to ground yourself with the same shite from 40 years ago and not break free :D
  19. Thought it was a bang average episode and a non story tbh.
  20. gards2

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    That sphere was a virus of knowledge that wanted to 'mate' with a sophisticated AI. Then destroy all lifeforms in the galaxy. What a terrible invention! Oh the poor sphere, it's dying and just wants to share information with us...wrong! tee hee
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