Standing there like a tin of milk

Once was away for work with one of salesgirls, we had to be away early the next morning when we got back to our rooms I said to her don't sleep the caller mind. She looked back puzzled, made it worse when I said do you want me to knock you up.
Nah, that's well known. I'd spell it scad though, presuming it's cos it's scadding hot.
Fair enough. I grew up in Shildon, school in Bishop, but my mam’s from Easington/Seaham and some of these words, man. :lol: Never heard them.

I googled “topper” and it sort of makes sense. I might start using it.

No-one says “marra” in Shildon, either.


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I'm from Newcastle mind but a lot in here I think are said all round the NE. Never heard 'behopes' mind
Two from my nana:

“Be quiet or I’ll box your ears”


“If your Mam finds out she’ll play war with you!”

My mam used to use “tin of milk” often, also “He’s as dim as a Toc-H lamp” and “The town was like Paddy’s market!”

I mentioned the last one on here before and someone came back with another version “like Casey’s Court”
"I'll box yer lugs" is what I was used to hearing
Strite. :lol:
It makes no sense in English.
Straight up is it not? Makes perfect sense.

Any other mackem sayings you have used to people in other parts of the country and they crack up when they hear them ?

Aye. My mate who’s front Suffolk gans “I think you mean six of one and half a dozen of the other don’t you?”

...same thing you div.
Should have clouted him across his bracket
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The version my grandad sung me was:

All of a sudden
A great black puddin’ came flying through the air
It missed me Ma and hit me Da
And knocked him of the chair (Whey!)
Second verse.
He tried to duck
But could he fuck
It hit him fair and square.
A lot of North easterners say "tret" which doesn't exist as a word. (Treated)
In Scotland I noticed certain folks would say “tret”, too. Also “jamp” instead of “jumped”. Making up past tenses is widespread.

Not sure if already mentioned but I knew a few people who'd always say "but" at the end of a sentance. Fucking wrangens.
Southwest of Scotland around Oban. All the time but.