Standing there like a tin of milk

Discussion in 'SMB' started by PinzaC55, Jan 10, 2019.

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    Most people under the age of 80 then
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    I'm ex Dawdon and the tongue in cheek one we used do do that and say, by jock. A couple of generations on the youngins were doing the same but saying, geordie bow. Odd that as my nickname has been bow for fottie odd years, but but obviously amnorrageordie.

    Blarn a mile?
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    Putting the tongue in the cheek and rubbing it would probably get a different reaction these days, like. There may even be certain websites dedicated to it.:lol:
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  5. Mackem postman perhaps ?
  6. 007Iron

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    Made that up.
  7. It's "fettle' and is a real word meaning to sort something out, finish it.

    1. 1.
      "Marguerite was in fine fettle"
      synonyms: shape, trim, fitness, physical fitness, health, state of health; More
    1. 1.
      trim or clean the rough edges of (a metal casting or a piece of pottery) before firing.
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  8. Yes. We were once threatened by a posh ruffian holding 2 fierce dogs.

    “These two’ll fettle yous”.
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  9. Fuckin champion

    Is this a mackem or mag thing?
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  10. 007Iron

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    Clue's in the word 'champion' there mate. They've won that phrase.
  11. Keith S30S

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    It was a midden in my house.
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  12. Snek, the latch that keeps the door shut.
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    Never heard that before
  14. Champion
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    Chuck. As in thanks chuck.

    Methylated spirits.
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    There's people in the North East don't know what a muffler is. Same as dut(t?).
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  18. 007Iron

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    One t or two?

    It's cahd out there, put your dutt on!
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    I know that, that’s what I said. I used it outside the northeast and got funny looks.

    It’s “topper” I didn’t understand.
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