SPOILER-tastic No Time To Die Discussion Thread


Finally watched it. It’s a little too like the last few and easier to list the positives first.

Ana de Armas was incredible. They should burn the whole Bond franchise and make it about her character. She arrived quietly, ruined a run of the mill espionage scene and left the audience wanting more. Best performance in a Bond film for decades.

Lashana Lynch as the moral conscience/Jiminy Cricket character, she’s what Felix Leiter always should’ve been.

I’ve never liked him. Even his name sounds like diet cat food. Insipid generic yank who’s kissed Bond’s arse for sixty years… needless to say glorious to see him die for a second time.

A decent plot would be delightful. Dr No was groundbreaking in the 60s but he’s been duplicated so many times he’s fading away.

Dull, mumbly character that relied on looking badly burned. “I am going to racially profile billions of people, keel zem, and…” they couldn’t even be arsed to finish his motivation for fuck’s sake.

With the endless callbacks they were pumping out like a Bond Force Awakens they should’ve bit the bullet and put up a baddie doing all the things 60s Bond did. Arse slapping, sexist jokes, toxic male behaviour the lot. An Epstein or Weinstein character would’ve been a genuinely chilling Easter Egg.

Apart from that, great film 😄
Good post.

I can never understand why, with near-unlimited budget and time, so many films fail to write a decent plot. You referenced one of the others, Star Wars - literally decades between films, and they rush out total garbage that was obviously written in a fortnight.

You think they'll take that risk? I don't.
The death is unprecedented though so why not? That was a huge risk. So they've already proved they can take risks. I just think it's a genuinely massive moment in cinematic history.....they've killed James Bond. One of the rules of British culture was that James Bond doesnt die 😅 they cant just pretend like it didnt happen surely