Spiritualist Medium


It think it can be done with spiritual maths, but you'd need a pure soul to do it, so it wouldn't be someone that lied or took money for their services.

So yes, they are all low life.
It’s a technique called cold reading. Everyone of them is a charlatan.
Do you remember Friday night live on Tyne Tees?

The used to pick a topic and half the show would be proving the subject and the other half disproving it. They did spiritualism one evening and a medium came on who started chatting to a woman about her dead relative who was "standing with his arm on her shoulder". He told her things it was impossible to know. Genuine family secrets that no one else could have known. The woman was sobbing.
Then came the second half of the show. The same "spiritualist" apologised to the woman and admitted it was all a cold reading act. He was just good at what he did.

I'm very broad minded on these things due to stuff I've seen and experienced but there are a lot of charlatans out there


Derren Brown would disprove him before the kettle had chance to boil
He has many times ,although not specifically
That was one example of many
Another was a twin brother mentioning something that was put in his coffin only his brother knew about

The Krankie Returns

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Every single one of them is a con artist. They can no more talk to the spirits of dead people than I can realistically become the next James Bond actor….unless of course the franchise wants to move in a new direction by portraying him as a 55 year old 5’7” baldy.


Despicable con artist scum who prey on the vulnerable and grieving.
Its something people seek out because they are struggling with it all ,it may be Placebo of sorts but it may just help them through the days and help them move on
false or otherwise ?
A therapist could speak to you and tell you what they think you need to hear to help you with your issues


Perhaps some things cannot be explained, but we mustn't rush to the supernatural or paranormal for answers.
Mmmm,thats kind of what we call things we cant explain though. I dont think mediums tag their stuff in those terms anyway
i'm unconvinced but tip my cap if stuff cannot be explained away