Spinning Bike....


Zwift is mainly for smart turbo trainers but if you stick on some power meters and cadence sensors I think you can’t do it on a spin bike. Otherwise it’s your peloton style video stuff but GCN have a free fitness version on YouTube now cover HIIT videos etc.


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I have a cheap spin bike and use Peloton digital (got 6 months free through vitality health ins - normally £12.99). Better than I expected, I've done about 30 classes & quite into it. You can choose class based on music type, some of the instructors a bit extreme, especially the yanks. But you definitely work a bit harder with them than when watching catchup TV. Good option to see if it works for you, without the extortionate bike cost..


I'd really like to use Zwift and some of the virtual races but the bikes required seem a bit much for what would be a secondary exercise, looks like you can get decent ones for £300-400 without app capability.