Spanish wedding

Discussion in 'SMB' started by __howdy__, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. errant

    errant Striker

    or a straw hat, nicked off a local donkey...
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  2. Bottle of sangria
  3. A DVD box set of There’s only fools and horses
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  4. Secret Visage

    Secret Visage Winger

    Thought the thread title was going to be a euphemism.
  5. Big Dave 53

    Big Dave 53 Winger

    El fondue set marra.
  6. SproutMackem

    SproutMackem Striker

    Cash usually. And often you have to pay for your meal.
    Saying thar, last year a good friend of oursg got married and we got her a present (a nice one).
    Got away with saying, we are English, it's what we do
  7. lenshack

    lenshack Striker

    Efectivo is the name of the game in Spain.
  8. Pics
  9. The Sinful Dwarf

    The Sinful Dwarf Midfield

    The new Ronco twin speed Sex-o-Matic.
  10. Skandhaless

    Skandhaless Striker

    The knackers of a fighting bull torn off in combat with your own teeth. Nothing less is acceptable
  11. A Gibraltar rock snow globe
  12. MackemBob

    MackemBob Winger

    Gib Cut Liked.
  13. lenshack

    lenshack Striker

    A Leg of Serrano always goes down well.
  14. andy

    andy Striker

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  15. Aituk7

    Aituk7 Winger

    The macarena on vinyl obviously

    You mean there are better places to gain advice on the internet than the SMB.

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  16. Dubai Si

    Dubai Si Midfield

    A mule.
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  17. robbied1

    robbied1 Winger

    Aki vouchers
  18. Goat Eyes

    Goat Eyes Striker

    A winter coat.
  19. One of these.


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