SpaceX are going for it


As much as I do enjoy watching the SpaceX progress, I believe that the US military moved to anti gravity engines a long time ago.
Must be true :)

Joking aside, they really did test "flying saucers" and the such like, Think it was the Nazi's that did the flying wing first, a quick google and it was the Horten Ho 229

So maybe some research is on going, who knows.
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Elon Musk is a vile person, but then so was Edison etc, every so often it seems like someone pops up whos so driven, has such vision that they push the human race on a little bit. What they have done so fast is amazing, I wish our government had some vision reaction engines have a viable design for a runway to orbit and back space plane...
He has a bit of the alien about him.


Expected UK time is 11.10pm. Not a particularly exciting one tonight. Which I think saying about an orbital launch and return to launch site, which no other rocket or company can do, is still mind blowing. It has become just standard for spacex these days.

This particularly booster was flown twice as a side booster for the falcon heavy launches, in april and june of 2019. The fairing is also reused, one half for the 3rd time the other for the 4th. Each fairing half costs in the region of 3 million dollars.

Satellite is, Earth-observation satellite space-based radar system funded by the Italian Ministry of Research and Ministry of Defence and conducted by the Italian Space Agency (ASI), intended for both military and civilian use (pulled from wiki)



nasa space flight

everyday astonaut

EDIT: still not good for weather violations. Good chance of a stand down.
confirm scrub, weather no good.
another attempt tonight, UK time is 11.10pm.
more stream options will be added as they show up.

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