South Shields fans


Bloody hell - I've been a Mag for more than 60 years and never knew it. Wonder what I was doing at Roker and the SoL all that time.You're spouting drivel.
55 years for me. Why didn’t somebody tell me before now. Fuck....I’ll have to buy a Rafa the Gaffa scarf now!

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That 'get out of our club' chant was aimed at 3 knob heads who started a mass fight.
2 of them were being accused as mags, one of them pushed a pregnant woman and it all kicked off.
I was standing just behind the goal and they were chanting "you sad bastards, get out of out club" as they were being escorted away by security and 2 PCSOs that appeared. One protesting innocence, one making monkey faces at the furious crown, and one older bloke trying to windmill.

Saw the lad pleading innocence in McD's after and he was coming out the toilets and said to my mate "I didn't come to cause any trouble, I got dragged into it"
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Yup. And none could actually give a shit about the game either. We spent most of it getting pissed and signing autographs.
The Shields fans looked in awe at our support. I overhead a family commenting that it was the best set of away fans they'd seen.

Paddy O'Dors

every club that goes to Wmebley does that though or would if could get enough tickets

including yourselves last season

their fanbase being made up of fans otf other clubs is standard for that level
Many Havant and Waterlooville fans are Pompey fans first and foremost. They go along to West Leigh Park cos Pompey are usually away when H&W are at home. Sizeable number of Pompey shirts in the crowd usually.


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Just a bunch of newcastle fans who have become “disillusioned” with modern football and have tried to glory hunt and think it’s cool to support them. Evident last night of all the talk around Rafa, Bruce, the fake sheik, singing Shearer songs and the hate for the Sunderland players.

Change my mind.
Its normal for Mags to watch Sunderland games they are obsessed.
I’ve been to quite a few shields games over the last few years and talking to other supporters I’d probably estimate at least 50% if not more have been followers of either Sunderland or Newcastle or still are. Some people just like to watch football. So what?
Grandkids picked South Shields as their team so why would they want to watch Sunderland every week?
You said you were sick of having your eyeballs pulled out which I presumed meant the amount you were paying which is relatively cheap for our level/previous levels. Obviously the bairns have wanted to watch Shields from the start, nowt wrong with that and glad they enjoy it, canny set up after going last night
Really don’t understand this lack of appreciation for non league football
South Shields fans are Shields fans because they’re from South Shields or follow the club
Clearly it has driven more fans because of success on the pitch but comments like this are just silly
I'm from Shields and support Sunderland.


All this Shields fans = mags is total horse shit. Yeah, there are Mags but there as many SAFC. I know of around 10 people there last night who had ‘Shields’ tickets who are SAFC daft. They want Shields to do well but have far deeper feelings for SAFC.
Last might’s game was bound to attract Mags who wanted to see SAFC become unstuck. I dare say if Shields has been playing the Mags, I would have gone along supporting Shields but joined in any Mag piss taking very happily.
There’ll be SAFC and NUFC fans in Spennymoor who feel exactly the same as Shields based Sunderland fans it’s just with Shields having larger attendances it’s more high profile.

There’s a reason why Shields attendances dropped last season following their promotion. That being that loads of ‘disillusioned’ SAFC former ST’s came back to Sunderland following the end of the Short regime.