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    once again a very canny read as ever @Lexingtongue will columbia be added in due course?
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    Of all the countries I went to in South America I think it was my favourite. However, I didn't really do much worthy of a write up. :lol: I've got some notes, though, so if I can rouse myself, maybe. I'd recommend it to anyone, like.
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    give it a go........ your 'style' seems to be developing a little n'all
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    For the better, hopefully. ;)
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    seems more natural, certainly as a reader i found i was a little disappointed when coming to the end of each section maybe they could even be expanded a little. I get the impression you are holding back a little in order to make them 'bite sized' and 'informative' i prefer my travel reading to be a little more rambling in nature
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    I got told my Machu Picchu one was too long! :lol: Glad you enjoy them, mate.
  7. I fell in love with south America the day I arrived in Columbia.
    Chile was probably my favourite country overall but the whole continent is just stunning.
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    Trying massively to convince wor lass we should go to Colombia with nee joy. Even more so since KLM do Amsterdam to Cartagena.

    Bogota-San Andres-Santa Marta-Cartagena-Home
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    Yeah I flew in from Guayaquil, but it was 10 years or so ago so not sure if that's still the best place. I'd assume it'll be there or Quito. The border crossing from Peru was horrendous back then, full of scammers so be careful if doing that overland. In terms of Galapagos only real tip would be to sort out a tour before you arrive, I booked mine in Guayaquil but it was a bit of a pain to be honest, probably a lot easier now though and all online. From memory the trips were 6 or 9 days (maybe 7 or 10). Just do the longer one, you're unlikely to ever go back so may as well see as much of it as possible and it is an amazing part of the world. I did the cheapest longer trip I could find and I think it was still around £1k before flights
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    Spend less time in Bogota and try and fit in Salento or Villa de Leyva. Smaller places but with lovely spots nearby. Salento would be my first pick, coffee plantations and dinosaur remains as well as a really stunning hike loop within 20 mins drive. Bogota has one particularly decent area where the hostels are but other than that it was just a non-descript capital city.

    By the way, mate, you're gonna need some Spanish to get from place to place in Colombia if you're using public transport. Getting to Salento involved taking a local bus from Colombia's version of Sunderland city centre. :lol: Worth the hassle, though.
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  11. Never been to South America. Never fancied it. The lass worked in Brazil for a bit, said she was on edge all the time she was out.
    They all seem angry down there.
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    cheers Marra, will look into tours as the flights seem pretty cheap ATM!
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    Flying back from Bolivia on Tuesday, been in South America since January. Absolutely amazing part of the world.
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    I've done villa de leyva , there is a vineyard there and the square is beautiful in the centre, and as for bogota the area where the hostels are (la candaleria )is ok but did you go to zona rosa, Centro commercial , usaquen or Parque 93 or a trip out to zipaquira ? There is a load to do in and around bogota if you are there a few days , one of my favourite cities
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    Spent a lot of time in Bogota. I think I'm just not a fan of capital cities, in fairness. Santiago as well, I was bored to tears there.
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    I'm back in bogota in march followed by Santa Marta , love Colombia
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    I enjoyed it. Never got to Santa Marta, unfortunately. Almost applied for a job there, though.
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    Im really interested in going to Buenos Aires and Rio.
    Found a tour that seems to cover everything id want (
    but Id also love to see River and Boca play (and probably one of the teams in Rio)
    Cant decide weather to do it off my own back or to make it easier for myself. I doubt I could convince any one to go with me which is why I think the tour would probably be easier?
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    Do it off your own back. If you slum it in hostels you will meet people. Will cost you more planning but save you cash. You'll need big money to go and see Boca or River unless you know people in their fan club - check my blog link above for a bit more info. You can see Racing Club pretty easily, though. Buenos Aires, and Argentina in general, are extremely expensive so be aware of that.

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