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    I look forward with bated breath for your trip advisor reviews written by your alter ego Susan there mate especially the ones where you slag off hotels which threaten the livelihoods of ordinary families trying to make a living iirc there
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    Get some new material, you fucking dull bellend. :lol:
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    Arrive in Buenos Aires today. Any suggestions for things to do, places to see, local markets to eat cheaply at? Argentina is fucking expensive like, the hike in cost from Chile is ridiculous. @chunkylover53, how did you go about getting tickets for games here? Looked online but they were asking £80 a ticket! Is that how much you paid?
  4. Nah. Went to the ground in advance. River was two thirds empty but it may have been because they were shit at the time

    Do a tour of Boca, find some bars. And eat at La Cabrera if you can afford it
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  5. Tour of La Bombonera is canny if only for seeing how much of a dump it is.
    The bog standard steak restaurants in the main shopping strip can be canny cheap but don't be tempted by that mixed grill thing. Absolute ton of meat for about £8 but you'll leave most of it, especially the veal tripe.
    Stick to a decent steak and avoid the sides.
    You are well travelled so probably don't need this tip but watch out for bag snatchers. Saw it a couple of times when I was there. Always put the strap of my bag/rucksack around the chair leg.
    Not usually my sort of thing but La Recoleta is very impressive. Be aware that it is a working cemetery so you may stumble upon a funeral.
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    Forgot about that :D

    Gets around, does Susan
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    You got a problem with me there, lurker, mate?

    Actually the cemetery is something that quite morbidly has my fascination. Will definitely check it out. River tour sounds better value from what I've read on the net! Did you catch any games? If so, how much did you pay? I know prices in Argentina fluctuate wildly but a ballpark figure in pounds would be helpful. Pretty much everything we've bought so far has been daylight robbery but we are in the touristy south of the country.
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    Eh? :D
  9. Didn't catch any games but regretted it as I was there when Boca were at home and the city centre was bouncing.
    Boca is a lot easier to walk to than River but should be canny easy to get a bus to River's ground. I walked there one day and it was a lot further than I expected and a fairly uninteresting walk as well.
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    Reckon I'll be walking it, like. Prices here are obscene. Really taken me by surprise. They just brazenly take the piss out of tourists!

    Things must have changed as Argentina is very expensive right now, much worse than Chile.
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  11. Something good to do that is free (except for a tip). A walking tour! A little bit of research should find you one quite easily.. they usually last about 2-3 hours and show you loads of things you'd otherwise miss.

    Saw Boca v River Plate, think bus ticket and game ticket came to around £50/head four years ago.

    The cemetry as noted is well worth it, try to find Eva Peron's [gravestone] (can't think of correct word.)

    Get the ferry to Uruguay and visit Colonia - day trip, and hire a cycle when there. Colonia is a world heritage site. The ferry is a bit duff as you sit inside and the windows are dull. I'm sure that wasn't too expensive.

    Find street music at night, a couple of beers and some saxophone in Buenos Aires is good.

    Stay in hostels and cook for yourself, that keeps costs down somewhat.
  12. Good post

    Also go to Montevideo
  13. Think it takes longer to get to Montevideo than just a day trip??

    There should be free tango dancing to watch out on the streets too.

    If you have the money and the interest i think there are cooking classes and tango dancing classes (I never did this, just bought some art to bring home instead).

    ... and thanks.
  14. It does. It's nice tho
  15. Next .......... I really hope you are going to Iguassu soon!
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    Fly up there on Tuesday as part of today's flight to BA. Flight wasn't cheap but saved us some 67 hours if we'd went by bus.

    Probably going to do this at some point. We don't leave for Peru and MP until April so need some options to kill a few days.

    Not a great lover of walking tours usually but I'll have a look around.
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  17. One of the most amazing natural sites I've been to. Definitely has to be viewed from both Argentina and Brazil sides.
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    Done both stadiums now and, I must say, La Bombanera is far nicer than River's joint! River's stadium reminded me of a second-rate old Wembley. Their museum was better, mind (if all in Spanish).

    The cemetery was excellent as well, weird to be able to see all the caskets through the crumbling mausoleums. Did make me consider my mortality a little unhealthily, however!

    Also, as inflation is 40% here, parrilla now usually comes in at around £25 instead of £8.
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  19. I'm bound to have been SEBed by now but fuck it:

    Sydney and the Opera House, Ayer's Rock and Queensland for the animatronic kangaroos
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    There now. So hot. Saw so much wildlife - which I enjoyed more than the falls! - including a toucan. Amazing.

    :lol: Funny fucker!

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