Soul Train

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  1. It's like an A - Z of hideous clothes but the dancing is great ! You can see the great Jeffrey Daniel of Shalamar in here before he became famous over here.

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    My favourite Soul Train line up
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  5. Young Chaka Khan :cool:

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    I always remember David Bowie doing 'Golden Years' on that show. Great stuff.
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  8. And get surrounded by groovy chicks like my idol did.

  9. This is pretty cool - the Supremes post Diana. Jean Terrell was a great singer and quite a bit of eye candy.

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    On tomorrow night at the O2 Academy
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    Great show. Fantastic music (some shite like) absolutely hideous clothes.

    At our wedding after-party a soul train line spontaneously formed. Our lass's dar even loosened up a bit and bust a move down the line.
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    Backstabbers was a great song.
    The production was just so spot on
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    Would recommend the 1974 album Rufusized . Features the absolute stunner . Its cheap as chip on Discogs as well

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  18. 1979 , the Afros have nearly all gone and the clothes are a bit more sensible.

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    Bobby Womack, one of my favourite Soul singers, that voice is just incredible. Such a cool song too.

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