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Sort me out laaaaaaaads.

Discussion in 'Diet and Exercise' started by sproates33, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. sproates33

    sproates33 Striker

    Well done mate.

    So how often should i be weight training, and then for cardio im assuming i should be HIIT training? How can i do this in the gym?

    How long before you start to see results?
  2. humph

    humph Central Defender

    You don't necessarily need a big surplus of calories. If your eating just above bmr, but you say gain 3 pounds of muscle when you starting lifting weights then your body fat % will have gone even if you have the same amount of fat.

    If you want to slim down by the summer and see some abs, you're really best off not doing a "bulk" but eating at maintenance and going to the gym 4/5 times a week to do strength training, cardio not included.

    Again, track your waist measurement, its better than scales!
  3. Billy The Kid

    Billy The Kid Striker

    i weight train 3 times a week mate, just gone back to a push pull legs routine, this is what i was doing to lose my weight, very simple but very effective.

    HITT is probably the most effective cardio mate but i didnt do it, some days i would just go balls out and some days i would just keep my HR between 130 and 140, this worked for me, ganna post pics up in my journal in a minute.
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