Some people are just absolute bellends aren't they?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Tommasi, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Summit been released saying the patient has died and where he was living
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    Happens all of the time at RTCs. Remember one involved 3 cars and a van, the cars were all getting made into LFB convertibles and two people had made off from the stolen van. Probably about 20 services vehicles in attendance in total, along with our helicopter hovering at about 500 foot overheard and at least three dogs and their handlers running around trying to track the two who made off. Got two of my team to put a diversion in at one end which put about 200 metres onto the journey, ended up with two complaints about me for 'being deliberately obstructive to the public', needless to say they werent upheld
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    Should be allowed to clamp the vehicles of complainants for the public good.
  5. Fair enough, he's a bellend. Although it didn't affect the outcome of his neighbour. The 'reactions' are interesting.

    • Simon
      2 hours ago
      Another selfish coloniser with no inkling of English values.

    • George Robertson
      2 hours ago
      Another enhancement of culture, B Liar

    • Romeo Deloris
      2 hours ago
      Sad society of today, no manners, just me, me, me.

    • Robert
      2 hours ago
      "A rush of blood to the head" is no defence for this disgusting act!

    • Billy
      2 hours ago
      Got to give the guy some credit for having the guts to own up and apologise. Now let's see the sincerity of the apology by doing something REALLY big in an attempt to make up for it.

    • Nas
      2 hours ago
      Deport this idiot.

    • Barry
      2 hours ago
      Another Muslim C#< who enriches our community with his religious tolerance,,,, "THIS IS NOT ISLAM" cry the lefties!!!!!! Oh yes it is
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    Hassan Shabbir, 27, of Small Heath in Birmingham, came forward ....

    'Another selfish coloniser with no inkling of English values'

    'Deport this idiot.'

    'Another Muslim C#< who enriches our community with his religious tolerance,,,, "THIS IS NOT ISLAM" cry the lefties!!!!!! Oh yes it is'

    'the sick thing is he and his family has ponced an education and a home and then he writes this...what an effing self-serving r sole'

    ' and so you should apologise, what ever possessed you to do something so outrageous, instead of thinking of yourself you should think of others like our Christian teachings tell us!!!!!'

    'What does he mean "my drive"? That drive was there before smuggling through Calias was even a twinkle in his eye.'

    'He could really show he was sorry by leaving the country'
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  7. You aren't allowed to call them 'collisions' now are you? Or is it the other way around? They can't automatically be called 'accidents'?
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    Stayed at a guest house last year and left our room to find an ambulance blocking the car in. The owner was being carted into the ambulance after a heart problem so we just walked up to the local pub instead of driving to the planned restaurant. The pub was shit, but cheap.:lol:
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    Used to be called accidents until a few cases of driving offences were lost as solicitors said if it's an accident then no one can be to blame.
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    For fuck's sake.:lol:
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    Hmm, me to actually. Could be a reason why they object to having their access blocked.
    Maybe the have someone they care for who might need urgent attention at no notice on a regular basis? Or maybe they're just dicks. Hard to say really.
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    It is an interesting point like, he pointed out that he needs a lot of NHS care himself...
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  13. It turns out that the bloke is in fact a grade A bellend.
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    I've had an issue with parking somewhat. I live in a new build, with no garage but a long driveway, which means we can get both cars plus a visitor on a our drive. We also have a bay in front of our house, which I obviously leave free. However, the neighbours one one side have taken to having visitors (her parents, on at least 2 occasions) park completely blocking the entrance to my drive, and I've had to go next door and ask twice (while in the pissing rain, as well :)) if they can move their car and let me out.

    I shouldn't have to do this, and I've been very polite and friendly (as you want to get on with your neighbours, and they seem like nice people) but this is annoying and if it happens again (it happened on 1 other occasion, but we didn't need to go out) and I'll have to say something. On one of the occasions, there was absolutely no reason for it either, as there was space outside of their house which, had they parked a few yards further forward, would not have been obscuring my drive. I shouldn't have to repeatedly ask people in their 50s to move their car from the end of my drive, it is inconsiderate.

    Riveting story, I know :)
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  15. Attended the funeral of my cousins daughter who had committed suicide at the age of 13.

    The whole school and families and friends were in attendance at Sandbach, so parking was at a premium. Found a safe place to park, not causing an obstruction and thought nothing of it.

    Return to the car to find two old dears waiting for our return to castigate us for choosing to park on their little cul-de-sac. Explained where we had been thinking that would be the end of it, no, they just continued on saying that we actually obstructed one of them from cutting her hedge. We asked if she wanted to cut her hedge, no - but that wasn't the point!
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  16. PTR

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    Should have suggested that she might want to avoid conversations about funerals, as hers would be along before too long. Old bat.
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  17. Tommasi

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    Older people are often the worst - have fuck all else going on so kick off over petty shite.
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