Some people are just absolute bellends aren't they?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Tommasi, Nov 11, 2017.

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    I preferred the headline under the article: "Suspect's farts makes police stop interview in Kansas City"
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    When Darlington played Ryhope CA last year, I had to stop a darlo fan parking on my front lawn.

    I stopped him bumping up on the kerb, leaning out of the window to fit between my two cars on the road.

    His excuse was "There was nowhere else to park round here!"

    I couldn't really make a decent argument with him I was so mystified about the stupidity of his actions, so I made the only sound argument I could think of ...

    "Seriously mate, Fuck off"
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    Majority of people are ignorant kernts in one way or another.
  4. I have just watched an ambulance car with full lights and sirens trying to go through a red light junction at Great Portland Street.

    Taxi at the lights pulled out of the way for it, but not before two arseholes trying to cross the crossing got in its way and then proceeded to run across the crossing while the ambulance was trying to move forward.

    Glad you got to work 5 seconds earlier lads.
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    I used to live in a terrace street as a student. One house on the corner had a canny few cars and used to cone off the bit in front of their house plus the front of a couple other houses, reserving a fair section of the street for them. The wifey was always out moving the cones, very much like her from bread. If there was no space near my house I used to park between the cones. One day I was going to have a very early start going away for a weekend, so I brought the extra long Student Union mini bus home. The big long reserved section was perfect for it.
    "You can't f***ing park there, that is our space"
    "No, it is a public road and not yours"
    "You have no f***ing right to park that thing there"
    "It is taxed and insured, I do"
    "As soon as you are gone, I'll f***ing smash it up"
    "Fine, it is not mine, it will not cost me a penny if damaged, and if it then is undrivable I will not be taking it away at 6:30am tomorrow and it will be there until the police are finished with it and the owner can arrange a tow. That will be Tuesday at least"
    "You are a right cheeky tosser, I'll teach you" *slam*

    A few weeks later after a few beers, we nicked all their cones.
  6. Hopefully they died in their sleep so don’t even have to waste NHS resources.
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    Inquests cost money still.
  8. What a shitbag.
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    We are blessed in the UK.

    You want morons ? Go to the USA

    They seem to have more than their fair share of simpletons.
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    Severe but I can't help but agree.
  13. I didn't say that they were right or wrong, I said that it'd be preferable for the other people to be able to respond. I'm afraid that you've displayed the witch-hunt behaviour in your own post.

    Oh and


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    32 minutes ago
    I'm sure the ambulance crew member who put this note on social media, despite its author doing nothing to impede them, or alter the eventual outcome for the patient, not to mention their SJW followers and writers of this article, must be feeling extremely virtuous by now. I wonder if they've checked back to see how the lynch mob is coming along.

    I'd always heard in the past that violence against ambulance crews was their biggest concern when going to a call out. If their priority is chastising interfering busybodies whose only crime is to lack a sense of perspective, perhaps I was misinformed about the severity of that problem.
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    Ah well that's alright, I saw a bloke pinch a paramedic when I was in college for blocking off a back lane where this whopper had wedged his car between three others and couldn't get out.
    Had to give a statement to the police and everything, bloke admitted it so never went any further
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  15. Nipple twisting is well out of order, especially when carried out on the emergency services. What a bellend!
  16. The list of bellendery against ambulances I've come across on the roads over the years is pretty astounding and the stuff that's making headlines is very common. The joint winners for me however has happened in 3 different supermarkets in the fridge isles near the milk ( I don't know why it happens there but it did)
    3 separate jobs, 3 different supermarkets, 3 cardiac arrests. "Are you going to be long as I need to get some milk" when we were actually resuscitating and jumping up and down on patients chests .
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  17. Bloke should be used to it by now considering he lives right next to a nursing home which has ambulances in attendance very frequently. Old bloke they were attending too had a massive internal bleed. Poor chap.
  18. Young bloke and the home is an adaction place by the sounds of it
  19. Dunno then. Our lass works with the para crew that attended. Mind she's simple.
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