Some people are just absolute bellends aren't they?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Tommasi, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Tommasi

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  2. Kid Galahad

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    You are just realising this now?
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  3. Tommasi

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    No. But the idea of someone getting upset by a ambulance parking momentarily in front of their drive is just fucking ridiculous.
  4. EDGE

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    Let's hope the twat requires NHS care himself soon.
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  5. gazc24

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    An ambulance blocked my drive a fews weeks back but we understand they do a great job so just popped down the pub for a few shots, they had gone by the time we got back and were allowed to set off
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  6. Paddy O'Dors

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    The prick who put it on probably wasn't even going out anywhere.
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  7. Kid Galahad

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    I lost faith with a large % of the population a long time ago, people are usually idiots.
  8. Space Hopper

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    My dad died last year when my family couldn't remember his blood type for paramedics to save him.

    As he was dying he kept insisting "be positive", but it's hard without him.
  9. Tommasi

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    My mother in law used to kick off about people parking in the space in front of her house - she didn't even have a car :lol:
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  10. I’d like to hear the other side of the story first.
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  11. Son of Stan

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    Some people are morons. I've already mentioned it in another thread but last weekend my niece was up and parked her car along from her parents' house. As she got in it there was a note on the screen telling her (in capital letters) to never park there again. The bloke then came out, had a rant at her and said he was angry because IF his Mother in law wanted to visit she wouldn't have anywhere to park. She was neither blocking his car or his drive. Absolute arsehole, she felt quite intimidated.
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  12. Paddy O'Dors

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    Self-employed bloke ower the road drives a flat bed transit. Whenever he gans out his missus comes out with two parking cones to stop anyone parking there. Came home one neet and the only space was where his two cones were. I didn't even bother shifting them, just reversed ower them into the parking space. His missus comes out screaming about "the criminal damage I'd caused to her cones" (one of them was stuck under me back wheel :lol: )and she was gonna ring the flatties. I offered to lend her my phone to call them but she just stormed in the house and slammed the door. They've never spoken to me since like and that was two and half years ago.
  13. Some Random Guy

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    Read the article earlier, Proper bellends, paramedics should be fined.
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  14. zwartekat

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    I helped a lad push his broken down car off the road and outside a house a few doors up. They came to the door and said 'I hope you're going to move that in the next hour'. It wasn't even blocking their drive. I regularly walk past them and always speak but they are bizarrely paranoid older people who seem to think everyone is trying to make their world a worse place. They have a nice garden which I sometimes have dark thoughts about.
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  15. Tommasi

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    Bloke a couple down from my sister in law is always kicking off with her over parking, he made a little ramp to get his car over the inch and a half step into the garage :lol: Caught the same lad washing the gravel out his garden like he was panning for gold :lol::lol: People who have immaculate always gardens always seem to be absolute arseholes like.
  16. mux

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    Opened this thread fully expecting it to be about @Cowvahlo
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  17. zwartekat

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    I think their garden looks great and I regularly compliment them on it but they always seem suspicious as if I'm taking the piss. I'm not exactly a youngun (probably no more than 15 years younger than them) so I find their guarded responses a bit strange. Mind, the lad on the corner who lives opposite them perhaps got it right with his summary that 'They're just weird, mental people'.
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  18. Cowvahlo

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  19. Tomma

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    I hope every van driver in the area finds out the address and arrange between them to systematically park across this bucknut's drive for the next 6 months.
  20. Chappers

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