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Went backpacking for 3 months around south east Asia (and popped over to Australia) about 15 years ago. I went on my own but did book myself onto 2 group tours which took up the first 4 weeks, then I spent time going around with some people I met on those tours for the next few weeks. Had the final 2-3 weeks on my own. it's one of the best things I have done in my life.

I would not have been able to just go on my own and work out how to navigate places. The group tours were vital to get me into it. Met some great people on them too!
on a monastery extension in the himalayas.
I am researching a trip at the moment walking across the states,wont be for a few years however.
very jealous of that. I like things kept simple, it is much more enjoyable. stick your boots on and go. bliss.
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Jon Dough

Just paid for my ticket, month in Canada going in a few weeks coming back in December, solo trip having a wander around quebec and ontario, maybe sask or Alberta if there's time.


More and more people doing this instead of going with mates. You done it? Sweden, russia, or Belgrade, where would you go?
Aye been to a few places on my lonesome, fly off to Bali for a few week on Boxing Day. All my mates are married with kids so what can ya dee...
Totally depends on how confident you are as a person. Russia is meant to be awesome once your out the major cities.
I am by myself now. I am going to Singapore, NZ, Australia, Hawaii, West Coast. Staying in NZ with old friends for 3/4 weeks, Singapore on the way out and back through the States. See how it goes.

Since my missus died I have done solo trips around the UK over the last year. Just back today from London - Royal Albert Hall thing. It was good. All in all though I would rather she was here.
You enjoy yourself bud and get a cheese and mince pie down ya over New Zealand :lol:
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