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In June I did San Francisco then on to Washington DC on my own...I enjoyed it..on another occasion I went to Fuengirola on my own and hated I suppose it’s about the destination so it it’s a place you’ve always wanted to go it won’t matter if you are solo


Always go on my own.

I also always have a chessboard in my rucksack when I go. The number of complete strangers also travelling on their own I have played with at airports over the years are many. With language barriers sometimes we barely speak a word, chess is universal, and so are smiles and laughter between strangers. Tis all good.

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Travel solo loads (for work)
Love it. It's great having the option of sitting to one side watching the world go by or mixing with the locals. Theres always someone wants to chat once they hear you speak English.


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I once did a month in California in 2010 solo. Went to San Francisco, Yosemite park, Monterey, LA, San Diego and Vegas. I did what I wanted when I wanted. Seen and done so much. Met some interesting characters along the way.

I now have a wife and son so it's very unlikely I could ever do this again. Moral of the story is do it when you're young and single. I never regretted it and I'm glad I got to experience it when I had the chance.
Solo travelling is great for city breaks but I don’t recommend sitting alone by the pool like a newly divorced uncle in a family hotel.
Yea agreed - that would be painful- its one thing doing solo when you have the choice and one thing when you dont
I am by myself now. I am going to Singapore, NZ, Australia, Hawaii, West Coast. Staying in NZ with old friends for 3/4 weeks, Singapore on the way out and back through the States. See how it goes.

Since my missus died I have done solo trips around the UK over the last year. Just back today from London - Royal Albert Hall thing. It was good. All in all though I would rather she was here.
i enjoy riding the bike on my own, most of the time i'll just set off by myself and meet my mates at wherever it is we're going.
been to most countries in europe on the bike. i ride down to the algarve most years and couldn't imagine doing it with others. i can go as fast or slow as i want, can stop when i want, take detours whenever i fancy exploring. nobody to think of but myself.had a cracking night in salamanca in spain on the way back a couple of weeks ago, just sat outside a bar watching the world go by.